Stolen Bike Alert - Tacoma

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    Read the thread.
    Had to have been someone he knows or someone local who knew what was in the trailer.

    My sugestion: Move from Tacoma.
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    Just thought the list should also be posted up here also! If you are back on ADV and check this thread, what color, size and make was the trailer? Any photo's? If you need help posting photo's here I'm sure there are a long list of people here including myself that would help.

    Free bike in reward.

    I am in shock as I post this. Reward for a successful lead to the trailer: A free bike....A fully serviced Honda 1981 XL250 with a title ready to win the dual sport class. (or $1000 cash: your choice). In addition, I will give an additional thousand dollars cash to a club if a member of an NWA club can email me a successful lead to the trailer (so please announce this at the meetings!).

    I am new to the PNW and was reading this forum with baited breath in anticipation of riding with some of you this spring. When I moved, I placed the sum of my love for riding in a trailer and moved to my new home in the Proctor district of Tacoma[​IMG]. I parked the trailer in my backyard with multiple locks and an extremely tight Fit. It was gone when I returned from spending the holidays with friends, taken between 9am xmas eve(12/24) to noon today (12/26).

    Please take a moment to review my list, ( and if you are anything like me), and keep an eye out on CL or Ebay for some special bikes and parts. I ride B-Senior in H/S and enduros. It is the carrot to my stick of life.

    Here's the details to this mystery and tragedy:

    '02 Montesa 315 replica HRC factory red with period decals. This is a fun[​IMG] bike that my friend on the east coast bought and needed money for his son's racing budget. I paid him and never picked up the bike, Five years later the son, who is now a double A rider has destroyed the thing, so I bring it with me put here...Stock new spokes in the rear, splayed side stand, stock pegs. rainbow anodized forks that need seals. I have them at my house ready to install. For the love of all thing balanced, call me!

    99 XR400R, White. KPS suspension, gold renthals with 7/8th billet converions. No decals. Ims thick pegs. Thick alum bash plate, (prototype-Alumium. Too many cuts to be commercially viable). Stock muffler but jetted for sea level. Small dent in left side swing arm from 2005 Quarry run in Upstate NY. Pics and X-rays upon request.

    04 CRF250X Low vin #...901, This bike has been the test subject for Bel Ray, Enduro Engineering, Titled. I have been through every bolt on this bike. Many times. Tall seat from the R model will have a notch cut out for the battery, Prototype Xtra thick carbon bash plates ( the first trial in the US). light silver renthal fat bars with east coast style 31" overall (real metal hand-guards with white plastic guards) White plastic and a modified by tape start button (to clear guard mounts). Both wheels will have signs of first gen Tire Balls marks near the rim bands. I have $12k in this bike and in 2006 i placed top ten overall in both AMA nat Hare scramble AND National Enduro. It is the bike that makes me happy.

    83 XL600R. Just bought. need front fork seals (i have them on my bench) and a front tube for fun on the discovery trail[​IMG].

    '99 triumph Tiger 900 (last gen). TMI factory Metallic yellow I have ridden this bike across the US, probably 20 states. I cant believe that it is gone...this bike is nothing without a title. I lived with this bike. Entirely stock. chip on left side tank. Rare color matched yellow windscreen eliminator.

    '86 BMW K75c polaris[​IMG] silver. cosmetically rough. I have no idea what a thief would do with this bike. But I suspect knowledgeable Motorcyclists would spot this easily. Please.

    I also had top and bottom older thin style 32'(?) snap on boxes with tools from myself and my dad. All I will say is that it contained the strength to fix the entire world. The unworthy could look at it and never know the power that this possessed.

    There was a gear bag with custom asteriscks knee braces, three pairs of size 9 Alpinestars. A bunch of HJC and Shoei helmets (l) and a weeks worth of riding gear.

    And a box of rare (1800-1920) books that mean a lot to me.


    PS. I am am looking for an enduro club with moral support so that I may win the B senior class. (Despite this setback I have goals)
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    Ouch~thats a big hit. :cry
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    Feb 19, 2009
    Will keep the eyes peeled at all the usual places. Good luck with a getting them ALL back. I hates me a thief, lord help the heartless son of a bitch who did this. A free bike is quite a reward and somebody will see something as these are pretty unique bikes.
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    FYI - Suposedly there is a huge lot at the CA to Mexico border with stolen trailers.
    They get caught at the border and confiscated...

    I heard they make little effort to find owners and they auction them off regularly...

    Several race car trailers stolen from the PDX area have ended up there..

    Good Luck!

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    Aug 22, 2010
    That sounds like a hot lead! we all know crooks spell like they txt...
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    Might have seen this stolen trailer today in Lynnwood. Reported it to the WSP and to the owner on PNWriders.

    Hopefully it was it.
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    Cops here in Tacoma are useless. I had my house broken into and the cops acted like it was my fault.

    I know, I know, not all cops are the same. The second time my garage was broken into, the cop that time was sympathetic.
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    It wasn't his trailer. He found it and checked it out.