Storing bike and shipping parts in Central America

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    Hey everyone,

    2 part question:

    Does anyone know if or how I can extend the amount of time I can store my bike inside Honduras. Or if I can store my bike in another central american country for a longer period of time (over 6 months). Im pretty sure my permit lasts for three months here in Honduras however parts are getting very expensive and I was thinking about flying to the US to make some more money to continue the trip. Ive been riding my 2003 BMW F650GS from California through Central America and she needs yet another repair, the mechanic who is unfamiliar with BMWs is telling me I need a starter clutch and a starter driven gear.

    1) Where or how can I store my bike in central america for a long period of time without getting raped by customs fees?

    2) What is the best way to get these parts parts in Honduras (where there is no BMW dealer)?

    Thx and happy travels,

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    I am using this guy:

    He is storing 4 KLR's for us,, We left them last Feb in San Jose and will return in Jan to pick up. He seems fair and promised all paperwork and duties will be current when we exit Costa Rica into Panama. Hopefully it will.