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Discussion in 'Americas' started by GSSwede, Mar 15, 2012.

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    Thinking of store my bike in Mexico City From end april to end of sept. Got a safe place for it.
    But what about the custom. Entering Mexico on the bike but leaving whitout the bike.
    Coming back 5 months later, jump on the bike, and start driving south.................
    For how long time can you drive around in Mexico ?? :bmwrider
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    Just to follow up on our conversation:

    The FMM tourist visa and TVIP are issued for 180 days. You must return with the vehicle and TVIP to a Banjercito office to cancel the TVIP before the expiration date or you will forfeit the $400 deposit. Failing to cancel a TVIP, whether expired or not, will prevent you from acquiring a TVIP in the future.

    When you fly out of Mexico your FMM tourist visa will be cancelled and your passport stamped. But keep your TVIP. I would not even present it to anyone when leaving Mexico. When you return you will be issued a new FMM which you will cancel with Mexican MigraciĆ³n when you leave for Guatemala. At this time you will turn in the TVIP at the Banjercito office and receive a receipt. If you do so before the TVIP expiration date you will get your $400 deposit refunded.

    Since you will be returning to Mexico on a new passport be sure to carry your old passport as well since the TVIP is associated with your passport number.