Strike Genius Motorcyle GPs

Discussion in 'GPS Tracks - Oz and Kiwi Land' started by DustyWheels, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I'd be wary of small "proprietary" manufacturers. That's not to say it could be a good thing.

    Also, click on Tech Support on their website and it returns nothing - not exactly confidence-inspiring.:eek1

    They use Sensis mapping, fine for road use, but there's no mention of any ability to load off-road or topo mapping for dirt trips.

    I'd want some answers before I committed. Also type of battery, expected running time of said battery. At least with the Zumo it's a known quantity, lots of info available right here.

    My 2c.
  3. DustyWheels

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    May 15, 2007
    Lake Macquaire, NSW, Australia
    bit more info here, not that I full understand what there talking about :norton
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    Jun 19, 2011
    Gday all,

    Bumping an old thread.

    Well I went ahead and bought the strike GPS. I am now a week into a 2 month trip around australia, and I will soon be heading north towards Laverton to start the Great central road. I have been toting round a strike Genius and so far it has made en exceptional paper weight. Given the lack of information out there, I am hoping that somebody (like 'past me') can stumble across this and educate themselves prior to making their purchase.

    The main problems are:
    First: the unit, not myself, gets to decide when to enjoy the pleasures of GPS. Perhaps this is a problem with the battery failing to hold a charge. The unit will power itself off whenever it damn well feels like it. This even, and perhaps especially, happens when it is plugged into its supplied cradle. When I try to power the unit through one of my other 12v outlets, and just let it run in the front of my tank bag I encounter the same problem, although with a little less frequency.

    The second problem is maybe due to me asking too much. I have been using a Scala Rider G9 with my Samsung S3 to play my music and receive calls while on the road. The Scala Rider can connect to either a media player or a mobile phone, but cannot be connected to both at once. The Scala Rider manual recommends connecting the mobile phone through the GPS unit in order to get the outcome I want - Music and Direction. Given that Strike markets both the G9 and the Genius, I have been a little disappointment to say the least.

    Finally the software used by strike is not mac compatible. I emailed the company a few months ago asking whether they had any advice on how I could work around this, or whether a mac compatible version of the software was being released. So far I haven't heard back from them.

    In strikes defence, I have tried to call them a few times and each time I either wind up calling after they have closed (they are on the east coast, I live on the west), or I call on a saturday and they appear to not be open. I suppose I'm just a little frustrated that this particular strike GPS is an absolute lemon.

    I'd love to hear from anybody with pointers or similar experiences.
  5. oz mal

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    I have used mine on various trips all over Australia in the last 12 months.
    Overall, my experience with the Strike has been positive.

    The maps have been good. They have been accurate in Cities and remote dirt tracks.
    Easy to use once you have learnt how.

    I have had problems with the unit powering itself down.
    The screen is small with a lot on it. Its not easy to use due to it's small size and busy screen.
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    Oct 9, 2011
    Found a new home - HELLO WA!!
    I sold my Montana and bought a strike BT unit. I haven't used it on my bike yet.
    It has a heap of features and the maps are very good, I have been wondering how good it would actually be?
    The garmin unit with mapsource is very user friendly and is easy to plot tracks, routes and upload/download without reading the manual. I haven't sat down to learn oziexplorer to then work out how to put tracks/routes on the strike.
    BTW, strike comes with hema maps, but I haven't seen anything of them...
    I haven't had time to follow it up :(

    Think I will buy a 62C with Oztopo for my next unit as a backup. My iPhone/iPad does everything else!! :)
  7. Gillberg375

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    I've ordered one of these which should arrive in a couple of days.
    Fingers crossed it's ok.

    There seems to be substantial price differences here. Ebay has them from
    $295 to around $500. Same one with the hema maps etc.
  8. racca

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    Apr 16, 2010
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    considering buying one