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  1. Rampant

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    Nov 27, 2009
    I"m considering a 1k strom. I have ridden a 650 but I found myself stalling it out on launch (I'm a BIG dude) a few times. Thinking about taking my girl and trying to go uphill in the mountains from a stoplight... hrmm

    The thing I *don't* like about a lot of bikes is the high center of gravity, which I"ve heard is an issue with the big strom. I'm curious if people have lowered the bike and had that solve that issue. How much of a difference did it make?
  2. GrahamD

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    Oct 11, 2009
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    There are a few issues with the big Stroms.

    They have a Steel sub frame up high which is very tough and therefore heavier than ummm other less tough bikes.
    They have 2 heavy steel mufflers up high.
    They have a steel tank with fuel up high and forward a bit.
    They have a standard wet sump motor which means that the crank and COG of the motor is higher than a dry sump motor.
    The steering geometry is mildly street oriented which makes the top heavyness even more of a pain because it is a bit nervous off road.

    So the easiest thing to do is get two light mufflers.
    The next easiest thing to do is convert to a single muffler and thin piping and drop the muffler.
    Next is to copy the sub frame in AL or Ti.
    Weld some skinny ass tubing on to hold the rear footpegs.
    Get a tank that hangs over the sides a bit rather than forward ALA KTM, 30Litre DR style.

    After all that you will have a close approximation to 2013 DL1000 V-Strom with an old retro motor.

    You can either wait OR mod or buy a KTM990, Super Tenere or GS now.

    OR a Tiger800XC which doesn't have a real low COG but is 10-15% lighter than the big pigs, so it's not as important.
  3. BikeMan

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    Feb 28, 2008
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    i lowered my v-strom and didnt like the handling. i was dragging hard parts in the curves. and even in a straight line when going over speed bumps. due to lowering, i actuality had to slow my overall pace down. changed back to stock. works ok for me.
  4. flyinfuzz

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    Lowered the strom using Kuboa links & dropping the forks. You will drag the mid pipe on the right side before the peg drags. As for stalling go 1 -2 teeth bigger on the rear and as a bonus you can use 6th at less than 80 mph. Helps greatly riding two up . Dropped mine the first time since 07 when a moron cut me off at a red light. Get s w mototec crash bars and enjoy the beastie. I am 5' 5'' 28 " inseam.:eek1 .
  5. Flydog

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    Jan 26, 2006
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    If you ride it for a while that "top heavyness" goes away, at least it did for me. I thought it was such a pig but the more I ride it the less I notice it. I thought the clutch was really stiff as well but I don't notice that any more either. When I get off of the Strom and on to my KLR, the KLR feels like a 10 speed bike. The DL1000 is a big motorcycle. I am of rather large dimensions as well.
  6. cug

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    May 31, 2009
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    If that's your reason, it might just be a matter of getting used to the clutch and engine characteristics. I have stalled my Tiger 800, too, because I was used to a 1200cc Twin, then going to an 800cc Triple that just wasn't as much a "tractor" as before. It was a matter of getting used to it. Haven't stalled it after the first few weeks of getting to know it.

    I never stalled the DL650 we once had. With our without my wife or luggage didn't matter.

    And another thing: if you really are a "big dude", you might want to to consider load capacity on both bikes, possible suspension upgrades, and so on. The DL650 might give you a better starting point as it is lighter in itself. Just saying, don't get me wrong.

    Btw: the current DL650 (2013) has a max load of ~200kg (440lbs), the DL1000 has about 10kg (22lbs) less. At least these are the numbers I could find without spending too much time ...
  7. precarious

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    Nov 7, 2008
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    The Strom is fine. Ride one. I'm 5'7" and 185lbs, and I never had any problem handing my 1K. I could barely touch the ground, but it was fine once I got used to it, which only took about a couple of days.
  8. danketchpel

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    Jun 1, 2010
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    Adding 2 teeth on the rear helps a great deal if you're riding two up and want an easier time taking off in 1st gear. Plus what was mentioned, it makes 6th useful at less than 80 mph. The stock gearing was developed for Autobahn riding where it would be perfect.

    I honestly don't think the big Vstrom is all that top heavy when you compare it to other bikes in the class. I've ridden all of them except the KTM 990 and I think it feels pretty good in comparison, particularly compared to the Tenere. The S10 is well balanced, but it's still a very heavy bike. I noticed the difference going back to my Vstrom after a demo ride.

    I like the MUCH lighter weight of the Tiger 800XC and that's the direction I plan to head when the time comes. It still has a rather high CG, but less weight overall makes a big difference. There is a 100lbs difference between the 800XC and Tenere and about 50lbs between it and the Vstrom 1k. Those are significant numbers no matter where the weight is placed.
  9. PeterW

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    Nov 11, 2005
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    Increase the idle speed. It's supposed to be ~1200 rpm, not 1000 ?.

  10. Bama

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    Dec 25, 2010
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    Sorry but I haven't noticed any top heavy feeling on my 2012 V, way less top heavy than the Victory Vision Street I traded for.Wifey says as comfortable as Vision even riding 2 up on dirt. :clap