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    So, yeah. I'm pretty green when it comes to most modern things.
    Keep that in mind.

    The calipers on my new-to-me RD where frozen.
    After a nice long afternoon I got both pistons moving,
    and was able to pump them out as far as I could before they bumped each other.
    But at this point, even after splitting the caliper in half,
    I still can't pull the pistons out completely.

    I've read a lot about using air pressure, or pumping grease in there
    but the caliper needs to be bolted together for either of these methods to work.
    Is there a puller or something to use at this point?
    I mean, what's a boy to do? :dunno


    Related: My rear MC doesn't pump fluid.
    I feel air pressure pulses if I cover the end of the banjo with my fingers,
    but couldn't get any fluid out the business end.
    Is there anything else I should check before I pick up a rebuild kit?
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    Split the halves, and use and air tip with your compressor to push out the pistons. Sometimes you can block the Passages using c-clamps and a bit of gasket material oar copper sheet.

    I Think with the pistons moving under fluid pressure, they should come out with air. The grease trip is for real lay stuck pistons.