Suggestion riding in Klamath area.

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    Hey guys and gals, I have been gifted 11 days in a Trend West facility on Klamath lake for 11 days in August. Will trailer the bikes down and ride out of there.

    I have ridden the area before with my wife but on a couple Suzuki 50's Mo Peds, ( I know the joke, fun to ride not to be seen on, still were fun, I guess I have a short Penis) so hardly a dual sports.

    My plan along with 6 others riding 200's up to 650's (TW200, KLX400, 4KLRs) is to do small rides out daily probably in the range of 100 miles, more or less. The object to take some pictures and recon fishing holes. I have been down the west side of Klamath river south of Boyle Reservoir but in a 2 wheel drive pickup which took about an hour to do 3 miles with the road filled with grapefruit sized rocks, just put it in 1st gear and let it idle for 3 miles, sucked, but good fly fishing up to 11:30 till they opened the dam.

    My question is, does that road continue on into California?, as it shows on my Garmin and highlighted on Google, but in the flesh might be something different, possibly far different. There is a road called Topsey grade on the East side of the river and the same questions apply to it. The thought being to drop into California and then head over toward what is shown as Lava bed National park. Then of course head back up into Trend West.

    The thought being to do I suppose for want of better terms clover leaf the area on a daily basis. One for example heading up toward Crater Lake although it didn't look that interspersed with a net work of roads.

    I know the beginnings of the OBDR start close, and east so Paisley isan't out of the question either but would involve a longer day.

    Favorite eateries and hang outs also a plus, take care and ride safe.