Suggestions for self-defense & survivial training?

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by Hi_Fi_Guy, Dec 9, 2012.

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    It's all the US networks, not just Fox. BBC is not the be all and end all of broadcast journalism. Al Jazeera are hardly objective. Local information is what you need and you get that from locals, not what passes for broadcast journalist correspondents these days. Ask the locals, ask a few and then make your judgement. They'll give you decent advice, and truckers the world over, can be valuable sources of info, same goes for small family operated restaurants. I live and ride every day in Mexico in an area on the US State Department list. If I listened to the BBC and other sources I likely wouldn't walk out my front door, let alone ride a motorcycle alone anywhere. The reality is very different. I've said it before and stand by it, a black belt is good for holding up your pants. If it comes down to having to use physical force to prevent something, things have already gone too far. If you win a physical confrontation and can get out of the area, good for you. However, if you win and the losers decide to get the authorities involved you'll often find that you will suddenly be the aggressor, the culprits become the victims, and you'll be dealing with something that, at the very least, will be a frustrating delay and, at the most, could be far more serious.
    Best advice I follow is my own. Avoid groups of idle male youths in any country. That is where most of your trouble will come from. I mean the ones standing on a street corner with nothing to do.
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    Hey did you find somewhere to train?
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    As already stated, kraw maga is a good self-defense to learn. I studied taekwondo which is less useful.

    However, the best defense that I've learned on my travels to 50+ countries is to learn how to make friends quickly. A calm demeanor, a smile and an extended hand go a long way. If I am in a really sketchy area I generally look for a grandmother to befriend. If you can make friends with a grandmother, she will protect you, and no body will dare mess with you.:)

    I also carry a small wallet that I will willingly give up in exchange for a quick get away with my life and the rest of my possessions.
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    I've been all over Jordan, Israel, Syria, Lebanon and straddled the border of Saudi and Iraq.

    60 days is nothing? Before you go? Instead of training self defense, invest that time learning a little Arabic!
    MARK!!!! You have it so right on. The most powerful "weapon" you can bring with you is your smile!

    AGREED!!! Language: Arabic lessons. Seriously. Enshallah.

    Shai, or chai however you spell it. Good god, I couldn't go anywhere without the offer. Only had to pay for my own fuel about half the time.

    Don't worry, don't have any fear. Just be open to the possibilities. And realize those possibilities.
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    I don't think you have too much to worry about. The middle east has got to be one of the safest places to visit anywhere on the planet and as already mentioned the hospitality is fantastic

    just try to remember you are a visitor and as such you should be polite. If you do manage to make a cultural faux pas, relax, smile and apologise. People can sometimes be pretty animated when they are addressing you but just try to relax and imagine they are Italian :)

    one thing to avoid at ALL costs are hand gestures. never flip someone the bird no matter what they have done. they will follow you to the ends of the earth to get even. foul language is also frowned upon

    there is a bunch of other little things that are pretty easy to find out such as dress conservatively, never hand anyone something with your left hand ect ect ect

    most of all though I would say just relax and enjoy
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    That's one reason why the Middle East is always in such turmoil. They are always trying to get even with one another for real or imagined insults from yesterday to ten thousand years ago. Makes the Hatfield/McCoy feud look like amateurs.
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    I thought all that tension started over an oil thread.
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    ..... he..he...he...I assume that you are considering the MIDDLE EAST, hanging over there is like playing a Russian Roulette, there is a good chance that you will come back, the question is if it will be vertically or horizontally ..... your best chance is kicking back on the beaches in Tel-Aviv, chasing beautiful chicks, enjoying great food, music, & some great rids with the local Motorcycle Club .. believe me, I know what I'm talking about, I'm an X Israeli Paratrooper .. Krav Maga & Hisardot (Survival) are great, but with all the respect , you should try them first in the South Bronx Compton or East LA ..they will do a very little for you alone in the M/E..
    anyway. I wish you a safe & great trip Ride safely
    & may his mighty guide your way.

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    Smile naturally - it puts people at ease, opens doors and paves the way for good intentions.

    You're a guest in someone's country so act like it. Be courteous, be respectful, be friendly, trust in the generosity of strangers, smile lots and ask questions when you don't know something, these things will safeguard you more than worrying about being attacked by the nearest bystander who's just out getting the groceries or picking up the kids from school. Knowledge of local customs and a few basics in the regional language will take you much further than a weapon and 4 months worth of martial arts training in any discipline.

    Someone mentioned situational awareness, and that is excellent advice - knowing about a dangerous situation and being able to move away prior to being shoved in the middle of it is the absolute best self-defence.

    In terms of the Middle East, have only travelled through Egypt for 3 1/2 weeks, however the wife and I found the people there to be generous, friendly, open of heart & mind, and far more genuine and honest than just about anywhere else we have been. And we felt far less concerned for our safety there than while travelling through many US cities.

    Act friendly and you'll make friends. If you act like a target, you will more than likely become one, and that's true for most countries. Except Japan, where you'll most likely be a target for random acts of extreme helpfulness ...
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    A Glock 23 with a fast pull inside the waist holster...:wink: and inside my backpack a Kel Tec Sub2000 .40, now you would have a handgun and a carbine that use the same mags...

    That's what I travel with... Come on horny bears, let's dance!

    You know, for those Deliverance kind of places...

    If it's good enough for Gunny it's good enough for me...

    and the sub2000