Suspension Advice for Husky DS

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by COXR650L, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Nov 29, 2009
    So I have a winter project and am trying to figure out what direction to go.

    I have an 03' Husky TE610e and plan on doing a full suspension swap. I have the rear shock from a newer te510 and also SSS (twin chamber) forks from an 06 YZ 450 that I was going to graft on.

    The TE is used as a street commuter, DS bike, fast desert and overnighter with camping gear.

    I also have a 09 WR450 that is my primary off road bike that gets raced, technical single track, desert, pretty much any and all riding.

    What Im contemplating is should I put the YZ SSS forks on the Husky, or would it be better to put them on the WR and use the WR forks (open chamber) on the Husky.

    The WR Froks have been valved with Smart Performance's kit and have .50 springs (they are a good trail valving). The YZ stuff is stock.

    So what do the suspension gurus think?? I have no doubt the YZ stuff would work great on the WR, but the question is how would the open chamber forks work on a heavy DS bike (maybe 330lbs)? My goal is to make this bike work much more like a XR650r does off road, or even better.

    Feel free to through out any ideas:deal