Suzuki RMX-250 clutch help???

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    Someone saw us fall off the turnip truck on this one. We got a really great deal on a 1990 RMX. The guy had $1100 worth of receipts. Including a trans rebuild. We got it home fired it up, sounds great. Bike looks really clean. A week went by before we could test ride it. Boy takes off and comes back and says there is no 4th gear. I ride it and find what feels like the clutch is hanging up after engaging,feels like the clutch lever is still pulled. We took it back to the fellow who did the work. He remembered working on the bike. Customer had low balled all the repairs.(Just make it run) No warranty kind of work. I explain the problem and he says he will work on it again. He put in all new clutch plates and friction discs. We get the engine back in the bike. He couldnt take the whole bike for lack of room in the shop. Put it all back together and take it out. Fire it up, squeeze clutch handle and something starts grinding bad. Haul home take apart, Clutch basket tips as well as clutch spring bolts are rubbing the cover. Find clutch cover was dented in from an impact. Found a new cover on e-bay. I check all the discs and plates. Found correct for book specs.
    I have .020" in/out movement of countershaft. When reassembling I had the correct amount of slack in the cable.Was not overpulling clutch. The other symptom I find is that while in neutral the bike sometimes rolls freely and sometime the rear wheel locks momentarily.
    The shop refuses to even let the bike back. Says he wont work on it again.
    So we paid $700 for it and now have a few hundred more in it.

    Any ideas what is going on. I dont have any idea if the clutch assembly is even correct for this bike. No model numbers to check on basket.