Sydney - Vic High Country Nov 2011

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    Looking for a couple of rider to join me on this trip!!
    A few mates will be riding their Dirt Bikes through the Vic High Country over the Melbourne Cup Weekend in November staying at a pub each night, as I am now located in NSW thought i would leave from Sydney on the Adventure Bike and take a different route each day but still end up at the chosen pub each night with them - a great bunch of blokes and plenty of laughs will be had !!

    So Here is the plan, proposed at this stage and can change as required;
    26/10/11, Sydney to Holbrook
    27/10/11, Holbrook to Mt Buller
    28/10/11, Mt Buller to Dargo
    29/10/11, Dargo to "Blue Duck" Anglers Rest
    30/10/11, Rest day at Blue Duck
    31/10/11, Anglers Rest to Thredbo
    01/11/11, Thredbo to Koetong
    02/11/11, Koetong to Sydney

    Everything after Thredbo is not set in stone so could possibly detour - i am not fussed. Know the Vic High Country like the back of my hand so there will be some great sites to see and the pubs each night are an absolute treat.
    I will be riding a Kawasaki KLR 650 and have good Mechanical Knowledge.

    So Who is interested?? Will be a great trip, would like to get a couple of people locked in so as we can discuss the preferred route before we set off.

    Not fussed on the type of people - Old, Young, Big, Small, Male, Female just so long as you are not an axe murderer, have a great sense of humor and adventure, enjoy a beer and have an open mind!!
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    Went through that area over Christmas last year. Beautiful part of the country, awesome roads and it is great how the scenery is constantly changing as you move up and down altitudes. Some of the best riding I have done so far.

    Looks like you will have a great ride. I have been recommending that area to all my mates since I got back. I can't, but anyone who can should definitely join you.