1. PatSmith

    PatSmith Been here awhile

    Aug 12, 2011
    A friend of mine and I have GS's and are talking about doing a part of the Nevada and maybe part of the Oregon TAT on our GS's.. We are both good riders and ride dirt bikes so we feel pretty good about our skills but we are concerned the GS might be to big and heavy. If anyone has done or seen GS's on these portions of the TAT pls chime in.
  2. larryboy

    larryboy Chopper Rider

    Jan 9, 2005
    Über Alles,California
    I've seen an 800GS on the TAT and own an 1150, don't see why not, the Wan's have ridden it two-up on the 990. Radioman rode his 1150 on the OBDR and that's much more difficult than the Nevada TAT.

  3. Lost Roadie

    Lost Roadie Rider

    Oct 15, 2006
    Kernville, CA
    I rode the TAT on my 8GS camping the whole way, my Nancy rode portions of it on her 650GS. It can be ridden on just about any bike IMO with the right rider, or driven in a mini van for the most part, at least when it's dry.
    Nevada and Oregon were in good shape when I ran just those sections again last year, the "hardest" part, taking weather related things out of it, is in Utah.

    If you go to my Smugmug, linked from my site there's lots of photos of the TAT so you can decide for yourself. The GS is perfectly suited for the TAT for many riders IMO. You'll need to have a 200 mile range in Oregon for one section, longest between gas in NV is around 150 miles, or less.

    Of course roads can and will change, but still you should be fine. Have fun!

    Lots of roads that look like this or this.