Ted Porters BeemerShop is Top Notch!

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    May 3, 2004
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    A few months back, I decided to upgrade my shocks (1150 GSA ADV 2004). I'm the original owner and have loved all 62,000 miles of riding this bike but thought it was time to go for "the shock upgrade". After much research and thought about what/where to buy, I contacted Ted Porter. The very first call lasted close to 1 hour as he happily explained all of the nuances of GS shocks (Wilbers, HyperPros, Ohlins, and Yacugars). I decided to go with the Yacugar shocks and after 4.5 weeks, just as promised, they arrived.

    I installed the shocks myself but had to contact Ted for guidance. Once again, he was friendly, patient and extremely helpful. Anyone who owns "high end" shocks knows installation is just the beginning. Proper setting and adjusting is an essential component of maximizing the potential of a quality shock.

    Today, after having the shocks on my bike for a couple of weeks, I planned to do the "sag setup" on the shocks. Ted had told me to call in the afternoon so he could walk me through the procedure. Again, Ted was friendly, patient and fully invested in seeing that I was squared away and totally happy. He must have spent close to an hour (three calls at various points in the process) on the phone with me.

    Bottom Line- Anyone who is looking for shocks for their bike, give Ted a call. He is top notch and totally committed to his business, a true professional. Not only is he a shock wiz that enjoys sharing his expertise but he is also committed to A+ customer service.
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    It seems like I have been responding to lots of your posts but I too agree with your post. I too have an 01 that I installed Yacugars on last spring. His service is outstanding. I also called to see if there was anything to be done to set sag but they are preset almost spot on from the info you provided when you ordered. I found out how to better adjust preload and such. Great guy, great shop, and great products.
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    :nod YUP!
    He spent at least an hour on the phone with me...answered any questions in detail, and the bike is amazing with Yacugar, sprung to my weight with no preload.
    Amazing what a difference premium suspension makes!
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    Did the same but he helped me at his shop... did the sag, found out Yacugar didn't set up as he spec'd and adjusted for me in 10m when I brought him the shock.

    Lucky I live about 90m from him.
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    Sep 7, 2012
    Ted is a rockstar.
    Yacugars are seriously awesome. It feels like I have a new bike....
    350lb guy who puts em to work. Street and dirt/fireroads and they just love the bumps.
  6. Dick

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    Jun 10, 2003
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    One drawback of Denver is being too far from Ted's shop.

    He still rebuilds the stuff I can ship his way. :clap