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    Aug 27, 2011
    On a couple of rides now, I have experienced this. The indication bars for the motor temperature disappear from the screen. All other indications are there, its just the moving temp blocks which disappear. Some times they come back after a while or if the bike stand for a while and started again they will appear. the heat sensor on the motor are still be working as the fan still comes on to cool the motor if it heats up too much.
    Anyone had a similare problem on there 950?
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    Temp switch controls the fan, coolant temperature sensor is on the left side of the engine in the V just to the right of the starter. Cant post a pic at the moment but you should be able to find it on an online fiche...or i'm sure another inmate will have a pic soon....ish

    Sounds like a broken wire or dodgy connection somewhere though, once everything heats up the connection expands and creates a gap cools down and connects again. Or possibly a wire rubbed its insulation and is grounding somewhere. Find the temp sensor and follow the wiring and check any connectors first..

    To test the sensor, the book says:

    Resistance at -20C 15 kΩ +/- 1.5 kΩ
    Resistance at 20C 2.45 kΩ +/- 240 Ω
    Resistance at 80C 318 Ω +/- 31 Ω