Tennessee Off Highway Specialty Plate - For your car/truck

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    I'm posting this info from another forum:

    Let me take a minute to introduce myself. I'm David Moore, current Secretary for TOHVA. I'm a "4x4" guy for the most part, but I've also got ATV's for my entire family, and got my own first dirt bike when I was 5 and have had a motorcycle license since I was 14. From the start, I liked the idea of an organization like TOHVA that was willing to work and support ALL of the means of off-highway recreation I like to enjoy.

    I got involved with TOHVA in January of 2010, and took on the task of moving forward with the specialty license project that was already in the works. We got the word out we were looking for ideas, and was able to find a local TN artist that wanted to lend a hand.

    After several months of working, tweaking, and refining - we've settled on a design and are now taking pre-orders!


    If you like what you see, please consider following the link to the tohva.org website to pre-order yours today. We need to sell 1000 of these before the state will put them into production, and we only have until June 2011 to meet that number!


    If you have any questions about the plate of TOHVA, I'll do my best to answer what I can. Thanks!
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    Thanks for the reminder Chris . . . . . .

    Seems like Tennessee is poised to have even more offraod opportunities. A very loud support voice just might help us get there!

    And wouldn't that be nice? Offroad riding opportunities all over the state :clap

    BTW...I still have your roll chart holder......and, uhmmmmm........I'm using it next weekend :)
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    Not to hijack your thread, but could I ask a question about TN recreational vehicle laws in general. Does TN allow plating and operation on roads (like FS roads) vehicles like the one below? I live in GA and we have a weekend cabin in the Cohutta Mountains area. Many of my neighbors have these types of vehicles (unplated) and I see them on the local county roads all the time. One of my neighbors has mentioned that the local sheriff has instructed his deputies to not mess with folks operating them on dirt/gravel roadways as long as they weren't acting like idiots, but from what I understand if you venture into National FS roads the Feds will write you a ticket in a heartbeat. I would be interested in working with my elected representatives to get changes made to allow these types of vehicles to be legally operated on non-hwy roads in GA.

    Just curious about TN and if you have any thoughts or resources you could point me to on starting that effort? Thanks

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    i'll forward this to some friends.
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    Thanks for posting this here!

    TOHVA has been working hard here in TN to advance the cause for ALL motorized OHV users, and the most recent accomplishment is int he form of a potential new OHV park owned and managed by the city of Coalmont, TN. Adding public places to ride is one of the top goals of TOHVA, and if we can get these plates into production it can really help our organization get the word out, as well as helping us keep fighting to get even more places opened up.
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    Negatory. You might be able to plate it as a Low-Speed vehicle, but it's getting tougher and tougher. http://www.tn.gov/revenue/vehicle/titling/lowspeedvehicle.htm

    Cool plates, I just got a new one and had debated on the sportsman, but didn't. Get these approved and I'm definitely in when my renewal comes around.