Tent Space Sign-Up Thread

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by geode, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Don T

    Don T Bike Addict

    Mar 18, 2008
    My wife and I both ride bikes and have done a lot of traveling on two wheels (and by other means).
    On our journeys we have enjoyed the hospitality and good company offered by other ADVrider inmates and we want to repay that by opening our home to inmates who pass through or visit Denmark.

    What we have to offer:
    - plenty of space in the garden for pitching tents.
    - a small guest room.
    - good WiFi
    - motorcycle parking in the garage.
    - shop with tools.
    - hot shower.
    - cold beer.
    - food.
    - campfire.
    - laundry.
    - car/trailer available for rescue.

    Our house is located in a small village near the town Vordingborg on Zealand (100 km south of Copenhagen).

    Who are welcome: Inmates who know how to behave as a guest.
    Who are not welcome: Morons, liars, thieves, cheats and the like - I have a very short temper with that kind of people!

    As I work 24 hours shifts as a paramedic and we travel frequently, it's a good idea to contact me prior to arrival - call or text me at: +45 4045 1960

    See ya :wave

  2. Flashmo

    Flashmo Whatever...

    Dec 21, 2008
    Vagabond Hippie
    Midway, UT (due west of Heber City, UT). 60 Minutes from SLC.

    Shop with tools, and room for bikes.

    View of the valley with no neighbors at the end of the road (100 yd of good dirt road).

    Flat, shaded, quite tent space.

    No regional religious affiliations...smoke, drink, carry-on, pee on the sagebrush...it's all good.
  3. Andy Mc

    Andy Mc Adventurer

    Jul 13, 2012
    Middle Tennessee
    Tent space near pavement; 1/2 mile Duck River frontage & sandbar camping accessible by DS. PM anytime.
  4. george james

    george james n00b

    Mar 7, 2013
    eastern nc
    Just off interstate 64 near Robersonville NC near mile post 500. Camping space, water, electric and bath room (plenty room groups welcome). Sheltered space available. Shop, tools, 2 lifts and limited knowledge available. Stay a night or more if you need to. HD and metric dealerships 20 miles away. For you darksiders tire service/install nearby. Truck and trailer for broken bikes. Local restaurant and gas 3 miles. If you can't stop by just wave and blow your horn as you pass. No need to make prior arrangements in case of emergency but call for camping in advance if you can....as we may be out riding. An hour or two warning is all we need. 252 714 0582 cell for George or 252 809 3229 for Bridget. Ride safe.

    Map location is a little off.....call for directions
  5. slicecity

    slicecity 10K USA 2013

    Mar 21, 2013
    Austin, TX
    Beautiful house in the awesome Cherrywood/French Place neighborhood in east central Austin, TX, 78722. Decent sized fenced-in backyard, office with air mattress or backyard for a tent. We have a shed for use for repairs, with basic tools. I'm happy to assist with my limited mechanical knowledge. Plenty of driveway and street parking for your bikes. Close to two 24 hour grocery stores and pharmacy and cafes and bars and such. cool part of town. Have a cat and a dog. I'm a special ed teacher and Jackie is an esthetician. During the week, I have an early bedtime, but we'll still host then.


    I've stayed with many ADVRider hosts and love returning the favor. Search #10kmcxusa2013 on instagram for my 10,799 mile US tour or check my posts here for an incomplete ride report.
  6. jontow

    jontow Been here awhile

    Jun 14, 2011
    Northern NY (with extra north)
    Hannawa Falls, NY (very near Potsdam, NY)

    I have a few acres of woods out back if nothing else works out, but know of a few local dirt roads with primitive camping that won't get you hassled or thrown out. I can't offer my garage (its full of shit already), but I can help with tools and occasionally time.
  7. Big Red

    Big Red Adventurer

    Mar 21, 2011
    In Australia here, down in Geelong, Victoria.

    I've got a nice back lawn for tents and a decent verandah to keep undercover if the weather's rough, or you're welcome to claim a patch of carpet inside. Secure parking for bikes under a carport (behind locked gates) and within the big garage behind that.

    I live with my son and friendly dog who is a great judge of character, so 'antisocial behaviors' will be met with a swift kick in the kaboose. Other than that, any and all are welcome, good local pubs for a good feed, and the bay, beaches and The Great Ocean Road (as well as the Otways) are all a short ride away.
  8. Mighty Kentor

    Mighty Kentor Been here awhile

    Aug 3, 2005
    Mission, BC
    Mission, BC Canada

    3.5 acres of mostly wooded property. No garage ... yet. Loads of room for tents some of it flat even!

    Welcome you with beer / shower / meal / washing and drying of clothes to get you along on your journey.
  9. DunlopC

    DunlopC Canadian Import

    Sep 5, 2012
    Jacksonville, FL, USA 32258
    I live in Southern Jacksonville in the neighborhood of Mandarin, just South of Interstate 295 and East of Interstate 95. I have a guest room with private bathroom for up to two riders and garage space for two motorcycles. Half acre lot also has plenty of tent space :)

    If you have a CouchSurfing profile my account is = http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/dunlop/
  10. jknight611

    jknight611 Adventurer

    Nov 15, 2009
    South Coast of the USA
    I offer in Tylertown Ms

    Tent space
    Hammockable trees
    Truck an Trailer

    Text Me @ 504 258 4389
    Welcome All!!

  11. Fordfixer

    Fordfixer Semi Old Fart

    Jun 18, 2009
    Midland, New Brunswick, Canada
    Southern New Brunswick,Canada,Midland/Bellisle Bay area.5 miles off
    of Rte 1,approx 100 miles from Calais Maine,15 miles from Sussex NB.
    Beautifull area.2 local restaurants,fuel,2 golf courses within 3 miles.
    Retired mechanic with shop and tools,welder etc.Can do
    emergency pick-up within 30-40 miles for fuel cost (trailor was
    used to tow my Goldwing behind my motorhome so judge

    Lots of room to camp(5 acres)
    Set up camp in shop if needed in bad weather
    Bed may be available or couch/air mattress/floor space.
    Use of washroom,shower and laundry
    Propane grill
    Don't mind if you want a beer or drink :1drinkto unwind/finish your day
    but no drunks!!!:huh

    Who are welcome: Those who know how to behave as a guest.

    Who are not welcome: Morons, liars, thieves, cheats and the like

    NB E5T2G2 on goggle earth will show you the area:norton
    The Trip Planner Map is close to 30 miles inaccurate

    PM or call 506-485-2478
    Home most days as I'm retired due to medical disability.

  12. Just Max

    Just Max I put the F in luck

    Oct 22, 2012
    PA Amish Country
    Add me to the list.

    Southen Chester County Pennsylvania. About 45 Min south west of the Philly airport. 6 miles north of Delaware. Not far from 95 if you are running the slab. Zip is 19347. I'm right at the intersection of 896 and 841 (a great road btw).

    I have plenty of tent space (4 acres), fire pit, and neighbors who ride. Garage available for repairs is fairly well stocked (lift, air, welder, press) and I'm not afraid to wrench on german stuff. Truck and trailer for rescue.

    Longwood gardens is close, could just about stumble to 2 vinyards (if you are into that kind of thing).

    Bed and shower available depending on how scary my wife thinks you are.

    email if you know you want to stop in advance = mheitman @ gmail . com

    text me if you are stuck alongside a dark rainy road. 3o2 52l 7447
  13. Coots

    Coots That's what she said

    Apr 29, 2009
    Spokane, WA
    Traveling through the Great Pacific Northwest and need a place for the night. My wife and I have a spare room, hot food and cold beer. Location is Spokane, WA 99208 so if you are on the I-90 Super slab and getting tired, PM me.

  14. SteelB12

    SteelB12 Long timer

    Mar 6, 2009
    Prince William County, VA
    I have room in the back yard for several tents and to hide bikes. Spare bedroom and futon in living room. Have basic metric tools in garage. Usually have beer of some sort in the fridge. Within 2 miles of I66. Have a cat as well in case you are allergic.
  15. River

    River Gee

    Feb 7, 2007
    Red Deer, AB
    Red Deer , AB

    Tent space, bedrooms, games room, bar c/w stocked beer fridge, garage with tools, studio c/w drum kit, enclosed trailer with space for four bikes. I have a loose work sched, so I am around most of the time:D

    email rivergod@shaw.ca or PM
  16. Vertical C

    Vertical C Long timer

    Jul 19, 2007
    I will sign up even with the small amount i can offer compared to others....

    Apatment in Sydney Australia
    Lounge to crash at.
    Tools and beer to assist if you need.
  17. forxlr8n

    forxlr8n Adventurer

    Apr 18, 2013
    Radford, Va
    Dublin Va, Small cabin on a creek w/ plenty of tent camping. Also a shop to park your bike or repair it. This is at my parents place and they love company. More than welcome to use the cabin sits in a field down by the creek.
  18. augiedog

    augiedog augie dog

    Feb 20, 2012
    carolina foothills
    retired nascar mechanic with small shop and tools. room for tent with hot shower and cold beer and possible dinner. call for directions or email.near lake wylie, charlotte, gastonia area. cell- 704 853 9523, or augieensley@ gmail .com
  19. Janis

    Janis n00b

    Mar 6, 2013
    Vilnius, Lithuania
    Got some space for a tent, fire pit, a shed for storing the bike (or two) securely, water (cold only :D). And if you`re really nice, then I may even find a couple of beds and a roof above your head (nothing too fancy though). And of course, if need be, there is a good chance of finding some tools. I can also show you around, show all the nice places to visit in the area, and also might even be able to hook you up if you`re travelling north from here.
    The only catch is that I`m currently in Vancouver myself, and will be coming back early September. If you are there sooner, my little brother might do the honors.
    akopeks@gmail.com (almost no notice needed, but of course if you want to be sure that we are in the area ourselves, give us a day or two)
  20. thedrewski86

    thedrewski86 too few miles

    Feb 22, 2012
    Tent space in the backyard, 2.5 car garage with plenty of space (no cars allowed). Fair amount of tools if needed, firepit and patio, ridiculous amounts of beer :slurp . My wife has a stupid cat so be warned if allergic. Down the street from a Honda shop where my mechanic buddies work.