Tent Space Sign-Up Thread

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by geode, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Fordfixer

    Fordfixer Semi Old Fart

    Jun 18, 2009
    Midland, New Brunswick, Canada
    Southern New Brunswick,Canada,Midland/Bellisle Bay area.5 miles off
    of Rte 1,approx 100 miles from Calais Maine,15 miles from Sussex NB.
    Beautifull area.2 local restaurants,fuel,2 golf courses within 3 miles.
    Retired mechanic with shop and tools,welder etc.Can do
    emergency pick-up within 30-40 miles for fuel cost (trailor was
    used to tow my Goldwing behind my motorhome so judge

    Lots of room to camp(5 acres)
    Set up camp in shop if needed in bad weather
    Bed may be available or couch/air mattress/floor space.
    Use of washroom,shower and laundry
    Propane grill
    Don't mind if you want a beer or drink :1drinkto unwind/finish your day
    but no drunks!!!:huh

    Who are welcome: Those who know how to behave as a guest.

    Who are not welcome: Morons, liars, thieves, cheats and the like

    NB E5T2G2 on goggle earth will show you the area:norton
    The Trip Planner Map is close to 30 miles inaccurate

    PM or call 506-485-2478
    Home most days as I'm retired due to medical disability.

  2. vcvarmitcong

    vcvarmitcong Cheekrashsucks

    Mar 1, 2009
    Molon Labe, NC
    OK, I have a good place to camp (w/firewood) beside the river on a 150 acre farm. I also have a building with some tools and can do some welding. PM me for phone number and location.
  3. Just Max

    Just Max I put the F in luck

    Oct 22, 2012
    PA Amish Country
    Add me to the list.

    Southen Chester County Pennsylvania. About 45 Min south west of the Philly airport. 6 miles north of Delaware. Not far from 95 if you are running the slab. Zip is 19347. I'm right at the intersection of 896 and 841 (a great road btw).

    I have plenty of tent space (4 acres), fire pit, and neighbors who ride. Garage available for repairs is fairly well stocked (lift, air, welder, press) and I'm not afraid to wrench on german stuff. Truck and trailer for rescue.

    Longwood gardens is close, could just about stumble to 2 vinyards (if you are into that kind of thing).

    Bed and shower available depending on how scary my wife thinks you are.

    email if you know you want to stop in advance = mheitman @ gmail . com

    text me if you are stuck alongside a dark rainy road. 3o2 52l 7447
  4. Coots

    Coots That's what she said

    Apr 29, 2009
    Spokane, WA
    Traveling through the Great Pacific Northwest and need a place for the night. My wife and I have a spare room, hot food and cold beer. Location is Spokane, WA 99208 so if you are on the I-90 Super slab and getting tired, PM me.

  5. SteelB12

    SteelB12 Long timer

    Mar 6, 2009
    Prince William County, VA
    I have room in the back yard for several tents and to hide bikes. Spare bedroom and futon in living room. Have basic metric tools in garage. Usually have beer of some sort in the fridge. Within 2 miles of I66. Have a cat as well in case you are allergic.
  6. River

    River Gee

    Feb 7, 2007
    Red Deer, AB
    Red Deer , AB

    Tent space, bedrooms, games room, bar c/w stocked beer fridge, garage with tools, studio c/w drum kit, enclosed trailer with space for four bikes. I have a loose work sched, so I am around most of the time:D

    email rivergod@shaw.ca or PM
  7. Vertical C

    Vertical C Long timer

    Jul 19, 2007
    I will sign up even with the small amount i can offer compared to others....

    Apatment in Sydney Australia
    Lounge to crash at.
    Tools and beer to assist if you need.
  8. forxlr8n

    forxlr8n Adventurer

    Apr 18, 2013
    Radford, Va
    Dublin Va, Small cabin on a creek w/ plenty of tent camping. Also a shop to park your bike or repair it. This is at my parents place and they love company. More than welcome to use the cabin sits in a field down by the creek.
  9. augiedog

    augiedog augie dog

    Feb 20, 2012
    carolina foothills
    retired nascar mechanic with small shop and tools. room for tent with hot shower and cold beer and possible dinner. call for directions or email.near lake wylie, charlotte, gastonia area. cell- 704 853 9523, or augieensley@ gmail .com
  10. Janis

    Janis n00b

    Mar 6, 2013
    Vilnius, Lithuania
    Got some space for a tent, fire pit, a shed for storing the bike (or two) securely, water (cold only :D). And if you`re really nice, then I may even find a couple of beds and a roof above your head (nothing too fancy though). And of course, if need be, there is a good chance of finding some tools. I can also show you around, show all the nice places to visit in the area, and also might even be able to hook you up if you`re travelling north from here.
    The only catch is that I`m currently in Vancouver myself, and will be coming back early September. If you are there sooner, my little brother might do the honors.
    akopeks@gmail.com (almost no notice needed, but of course if you want to be sure that we are in the area ourselves, give us a day or two)
  11. thedrewski86

    thedrewski86 too few miles

    Feb 22, 2012
    Tent space in the backyard, 2.5 car garage with plenty of space (no cars allowed). Fair amount of tools if needed, firepit and patio, ridiculous amounts of beer :slurp . My wife has a stupid cat so be warned if allergic. Down the street from a Honda shop where my mechanic buddies work.
  12. mrxinpa

    mrxinpa Just Get Out and Ride !!!

    Feb 21, 2009
    NEPA Right at Base of Blue Mountain Ski Area .5 mi
    Hello all,

    Located right at the base of the Blue Mountain Ski Area, We have tent space for prolly 50 + if needed.

    Physical address is 1345 Lower Smith Gap Rd. Kunkletown, Pa. 18058
    Cords. 40.825485,-75.506222

    If its just for one We have accommodations in an RV Camper or our loft for one or two if you share the bed. Access to a hot shower and facilities. Be forewarned we have 3&4 yr old Boyz who love bikes, both have PW50's of their own so they should leave yours alone!

    A garage full of tools to service just about anything or just stop by for a cool drink of water on a hot day!

    Catch us when we're home and your welcome to break bread with my family as part of my extended family!

    R & D Powersports (Honda, Suzuki) dealer 6. Miles away in Palmerton, Pa
  13. asc

    asc n00b

    Nov 6, 2011
    I live on a awesome golf course with a great view of the smokies in tennessee Dandridge actually 25 minutes from smokies, motorcycle garage and shower nice area to camp anytime just let me know name is Bret Smith It is always nice to have a place to relax for free. I work at alpine ski center in Knoxville 865 584 3614 cell is 865 806 8344 call let me I might need a camp spot myself sometime.
  14. DutchVDub

    DutchVDub Adventurous Pirate

    May 5, 2013
    Firestone, CO
    Firestone, CO (just north of Denver off of I-25)

    I've got plenty of tools in the garage and am more than willing to help with repairs. I've been a diesel mechanic for 12+ years now, not a lot of experience with bikes but I can figure most things out. I can setup an air mattress in the spare room and offer use of the shower for a night or two.

    People call me Dutch

    email is my screen-name @yahoo.com
  15. baka1969

    baka1969 Veteran Bubblehead

    Jan 2, 2012
    NE Philly
    I've been a long time lurker of this forum for many years. I wanted to offer a place to pitch a tent in the backyard. It's not as luxurious as some of the other offerings but it'll be safe.

    I live in North East Philadelphia. I can offer my backyard to pitch a tent or two. You can park in the driveway. I have some metric and a lot of SAE tools and a motorcycle jack. Beer will always be available. A meal is possible too. A shower is also possible. Just be mindful of the neighbors. Even a warm bed if notice is given.

    I am about 15 minutes off 95 and about 20 minutes off the PA turnpike.

    Please try to have a day or two notice and email prior to visiting. I'll give you my phone number through emails.

    Edit: Here's my phone number for text or calling:

    Six zero nine - five zero six - eleven seventy seven

    If texting please include your user name.



    Ride safe everyone.
  16. Panamericana2012

    Panamericana2012 Adventurer

    Jul 31, 2012
    Erfurt, Germany
    The last 9 month I rode the panamericana from Alaska to Argentina and now I want to offer a place to stay when you are travelling through Germany. I live in Suhl and Erfurt (both Thuringia) and I can offer a couch for 2 people. Some tools available if needed.
    My moms house in Stendal (Saxony Anhalt) has a very big backyard to put a tent on. Tools and garage available if you have to fix something on the bike.
    Contact me a couple of days (or weeks) in advance: maheerwagen(at)gmx.de

  17. Evomx971

    Evomx971 Wave as you fly over

    Mar 9, 2010
    Live a little south of Des Moines, IA just off I-35. Have 5 acres of tent space, some indoor accommodations, showers, plenty of covered parking, workshop, tools, food, and drinks. Good friends with the owner of the KTM dealership and a local machinist.

    Can be gone a lot so more notice is better. Email evomx971@netzero.com

    See you out there! :D
  18. justafurnaceman

    justafurnaceman Imaginary

    May 4, 2013
    Hanging out in VA for the time being...
    Okay guys, I'm now living in Woodford, Virginia. I have a decent size garage with some basic tools and a truck and trailer. The yard is quite big so you can throw up a tent or two if needed. Please no weirdos (well, too weird), drunks, or drugees.

    You can email me at justafurnaceman at hotmail dot com.
  19. chainslapAZ

    chainslapAZ Adventurer

    May 9, 2010
    Phoenix, AZ
    Updated 01/28/2015

    I have a spare bedroom in Phoenix, AZ and couchspace and moderately large garage with bike lift, workbenches, air compressor and other basic tools for fellow gearheads.

    Also have RV parking with a 50 amp service for those who are traveling in a rig. Or if anyone is looking long term or winter getaway, I would rent the RV pad out as well. In addition, the backyard has an RV gate for parking more junk.

    I am also currently building a bicycle pumptrack in the backyard, will have a hot tub up and running soon, and a full DJ level sound system in the house and garage. :D
  20. happywanderer

    happywanderer Adventurer

    Feb 21, 2012
    Monterey, CA
    Seaside, CA (15th Infantry Ave)

    Not much of a backyard to speak of for tents. But. Got a couch and two recliners that are comfy as well. Garage full of tools and a sears bike lift. Hot showers. Beer.

    Got a dog - if'n you're allergic.

    Best contact is pm through this forum or hoborider@me.com