Test Firing a DR (a dinky little trip)

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  1. Barterer

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    Mar 8, 2010
    Now that I have my adventure rig almost done I thought I'd take it on a little overnight trip, Austin to Matagorda, TX. The night before the trip, I loaded up the GiantLoop bag and got ready to go. This is a pretty standard ADV rig, a DR650 fitted with an IMS tank, good handguards, a GPS and Corbin Seat. I have also taken care of the normal DR650 stuff like the chain roller and NSU switch. I'd tried a windshield for a short time, but found the buffeting worse than the full wind blast, so removed it. The footpegs are dropped 1.5 inches, an essential mod IMO.

    To avoid some of the heat, I got up for a good early start. There is something neat about motorcycle instruments before dawn, as you are about to take off.

    ...and what a great job tinypic/photobucket has done deleting my pics, which pretty much puts the kibosh on the thread.