Test Ride and Beyond

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    May 8, 2008
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    Finished rebuilding the swingarm and linkage Saturday (new needle bearings and 8.3 spring with OEM shock) and took a 15 min test ride before dark. The DR650 needed more testing and me too so messaged my riding buddy Sunday. "Sorry, I'm doing chores... fixing fence etc", so loaded on the saddle bags (spare tubes etc) and headed for the hills.

    Just got into the hills from the flat lands and it started to sprinkle. The whole idea of the ride was to really put the suspension to the test. With rain and leaves on the twisty forest roads that wasn't possible. Did get in some gravel roads but no single track. Those are off limits in this area.

    Stopped at the first boat ramp park on the lake for a rest stop and check out the lake. There was one boat trailer/truck and another truck parked with the people fishing.

    The lake had been lowered to catch the winter rains (flood control) but the boat ramp is still "usable".


    Continued up stream along the river road and past the 10 mile long lake to Rocky Top bridge and stopped for a look.

    Looking upstream from the bridge.

    View downstream from the bridge.

    Started raining pretty hard so decided to head toward home. Back in town, there were lots of big black noisy bikes parked at all the watering holes. Turned out there was a toy run that I missed. Frank and I went to one a few years back and we were the only bikes with knobby tires. The rest all had chrome and the loud pipes. We didn't fit in so well.

    Wasn't much of a test ride, but did burn up a tank of fuel in the DR. Prognosis: bike handles much better than before. Hopefully better yet when the forks are done too. That's next on the list.