The average electric motorcycle equivalent to a 320 mpg gas bike

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    Where can you buy gallons of electricity? :rofl
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    Hello, engineer who uses PGE. I'm also an engineer who uses PGE.

    The numbers are sound from every perspective but how the utility operates and translates that into dollar value. PG&E is far from ideal but the assumptions are realistic.

    I'll clarify what you should consider that has been already stated:
    • The conversion / loss from station to the motorcycle wheel is very low compared to combustion thermodynamics.
    • There's a considerable overhead in processing petroleum and shipping it not usually accounted for.
    • Offsetting the energy processing to a gas or coal plant still has a major leg up in terms of industrial-scale process efficiency.
    • Electric motorcycles are at least twice as efficient as electric cars in converting energy to distance travelled (for commuting and individual or 2-up travel).
    You should also include hydroelectric power in "the only way to save money and be green". In Washington state, most power comes from hydroelectric dams and is cheap and quite green.

    It's not misinformation, in any case, even if you don't think it's perfectly accommodating to your stance.
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    It's hard to debate your point when we don't know what "in my area" means. Fill in your location in the profile area please.