The Birth of Jolly Rally Racing

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    March 08, 2013

    After gaining considerable experience over recent years in rallies including the Pharaohs, Dakar, and Sardinia, 2013 will see Jolly Racing Motorsport combine efforts with Enduro Team HM Honda Zanardo to enter the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship.

    One of the key steps for the team is an exclusive agreement with the legendary Jordi Arcarons who will be team manager of Jolly Rally Racing. First round attended by the Jolly Rally Racing Team will be the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge with Bolivian rider, Juan Carlos Salvatierra. The goal of Jolly Rally Racing is to create a team structure available to all pilots who wish to run to world rallies with a competent technical organization including all support and the invaluable advice and guidance of Jordi Arcarons.

    Alessandro Tramelli

    “I am very pleased to have reached this important agreement of collaboration with Jordi Arcarons, Jolly Racing, after the successes in the Enduro World Championship, has decided to increase our presence in Rally Raid to point to new challenges and new goals. I place a lot of trust in the selection of Jordi Arcarons as a guide in these competitions. With the experience of so many rallies behind him, he is the right person to lead Jolly Rally Racing to new successes. We also want to share with fans and customers who want to rely on our organization that we can offer complete rally service from training to rental packages for bikes and assistance, always under the close supervision of our team manager, Jordi Arcarons.”

    Jordi Arcarons

    “For me it is very satisfying that I can make available to Jolly Rally Racing, my experience and my desire to succeed with all the potential that I have at my disposal. A very important aspect id the HM Honda choice of bike which has the right blend of power, reliability, and manageability required to meet all the demands of riders taking part in any rally. I am impressed by the strength of this team, which is driven by passion and the main goal to get results.”

    Franco Mayr

    “I have always believed in experience and professionalism to achieve successful results at any level. I am proud to be able to create this synergy with Jordi. I have known him for many years and he is an outstanding professional with enviable experience. I am convinced that together we can achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves and provide all the fans of this sport the reliability of our HM Honda for training as well as training for the fitness and navigation needed to complete these challenging races.”
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    They picked the best colors :D
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    Sandy waste
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    Will be interesting to see how this team performs. Chavo couldn't get anymore out of his CRF rental bike last year in Egypt (the same set up as the Jolly Racing kit) so they will have to find some more horsepower if they are going to compete at the highest level.

    I run the same kit on my CRF and it's good for us true 'amateurs' that don't have the pace of Chavo and others and simply want to get to the end without destroying ourselves and our bikes.