The Break-in ride

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    Dec 3, 2009
    Well I sold My Ulysses and I just got a F800GS, with 11 miles. NEW!!
    So this weekend, following the factory recommended guidelines it called for a break in ride. Its not fully broken in yet but I took a sizable chunk out of the “unfun” miles. I say “unfun” because I am babying it so much. I’ve read break-in threads but I just figured ze Germans know best.
    I thought I would make it fun, and really, how could a ride on a brand new bike not be? It proved to be. I left my house in Blue Lake, in Humboldt County California on a loop through the hills. I headed south down 101 annoying every other motorist with the constant varying of the RPMs (as per the OM). East on 36 though the redwoods. This always makes me feel like Luke Skywalker on Endor.
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    took 36 to Bridgeville, I thinks its names because there is a bridge there but, only a guess…

    From Bridgeville it was up Kneeland and north again. From Bridgeville its hard pack dirt all the way to Kneeland. some 36 mile away in all. I headed north on Kneeland road to Shower Pass Rd. I headed down this road, up into the hills. From the muddy state of the road and the undisturbed snow it looked as though nobody had been this way for days. Alright with me …until I looked at the gas gauge…In my excitement to test the new bike I had forgot to fill it up with gas! 4 bars left, no idea how far it was to a gas station, ominous signs about the area being patrolled by the Iaqua Gun Club. Nervous about being stranded out in the middle of nowhere and having to cuddle up for warmth with a baby cow I had to abort my planned route to take mountain view road into Kneeland. Shower pass was a good road by many standards. I hit some mud that made me glad I wasn’t on the Buell and even some snow on a downhill section that made me understand what the ABS button on the handle bars is for.

    When I finally made it back to Kneeland rd with only one bar left on the gauge the gas light came on and it started counting up. All the while the gas gauge accuracy being questioned in my head thanks to the thread in GSpot saying 4 bars is a danger zone. The odometer counting up from 0 at the point where the light came on I finally reach the grade down to freshwater. Knowing I’m at least in reach of a gas call I stop for lunch and let my heart slow down for a bit and took in the view over the bay.[​IMG]

    There was 11 miles on the ODO since the gas pump came on and it was downhill for 6 miles. Fearing the worst I followed a sprocket head in tights down the hill with the engine off , much to his confusion/ paranoia. At the bottom, starting the engine I babied the Bemer into Eureka and to the first gas station I could see.
    21 miles on the ODO since the light started haunting me and it took 3.5 gal. It’s actually wrong the better direction! I filled up and a guy at the station asked” is that a BMW?” I said yes. He asked “How did you get one without the things sticking out the side?”. I told him I just took them off for the day and left.
    I made it home with a mostly full tank, mentally exhausted, and grateful I wasn’t snuggling up to some heffer.
    The F800GS is my new friend. I love her and have named her for the Supreme Being… Leeloo!
    See the resemblance?:evil
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    Feb 21, 2009
    congrats- she is beautiful- great photos as well- ride well!
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Your bike and your Supreme Being both look hot. I shoulda paid more attention in Sunday School - I had no idea what I was giving up :wink:
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    May 20, 2010
    Gorgeous bike! The scenery in your area aint bad either!! :D