The CH-250 "Churchill" Custom China Bike (that's actually good)

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    It's what I want by Churchill Builds, on Flickr

    What is the Churchill? Good question! It's my built in 10 days project bike, which went from a pile of scrap ZJ125 knockoff (which is a CG125 knockoff) to an awesome little powerhouse 6 speed bulldog of a bike.

    CH-250 original by Churchill Builds, on Flickr

    This is what the bike looked like when I first got started

    20130213_170758 by Churchill Builds, on Flickr

    The reason for this thread is for me to show you what the end product looks like, how it performs and any trials or tribulations I hit during the run-in phase.

    Here are the current specifications:
    Top speed: 117.6km/h at present (wil change gearing to get a little more)
    Range: Approximately 235km / tank (which is a standard CG125 8L tank)
    Frame and swingarm: generic CG125 (Swingarm has been modified slightly to accomodate the large rear tyre)
    Front forks, triple clamp(modified stem), brake master cylinder and caliper: Off of a Qingqi GS125 (which is a Suzuki GS125 knockoff)
    Front brake disk and wheel: Brand new generic GN125 ventilated disc and brand new generic GN125 alloy wheel
    Rear shocks: Dual coil over shocks adjustable (off of some or other police bike, pretty standard Chinese shocks, but very rigid)
    Rear wheel: Qingqi GS125 alloy
    Rear tyre: Kenda Mirage 110/90 - 18
    Front tyre: Buggered if I know, I'll check the bike later and edit it in***
    Engine: 6speed 250cc GTY CB250 type single cylinder 4-stroke (Came in a Zhongshen box) very nice growly little thing with a lot of pull.
    Carb: Mikuni branded PZ-30 (at least it looks more posh than the usual ones :) )

    I named it "The Churchill" after the first time I took it for a ride, it had a huge amount of grunt and power all packed into a staunch little package, it reminded me of a Bulldog, and well Winston Churchill came to mind.. I thought it appropriate :D

    20130213_165102 by Churchill Builds, on Flickr

    It has a very low idle noise due to the long muffler, but when you open the throttle it makes a most delightfully satisfying deep growl.

    20130213_165018 by Churchill Builds, on Flickr

    I took the CH-250 on a short road trip (a total of about 400kms) last week to Huizhou and back (also did quite a bit of riding around Huizhou.. visited that odd copy of an Austrian town etc, all coming up in the Ride Report).

    20130207_103241 by Churchill Builds, on Flickr

    She was very comfortable almost idling at 80km/h in 6th gear, 90km/h was an ideal cruising speed and even though I though the riding position would be uncomfortable, I was surprised after 3 and a half hours of riding I still felt absolutely fine.

    20130207_075813 by Churchill Builds, on Flickr

    So far the only drawback to the bike is the short rear mudguard which although it looks cool, leads to a wonderful brown racing stripe up your back should you encounter a wet road or puddle... I'm going to work on some sort of pull out temporary guard system that can be hidden away when not in use...

    20130213_165000 by Churchill Builds, on Flickr

    More pictures and videos to come in the future.

    20130207_103138 by Churchill Builds, on Flickr

    If you want to see the build process, I have the videos up on youtube:
    Original Challenge video:
    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
    Part 4:
    Beer-Girl Starts the Churchill:

    - Winston (SerpentZA)
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    very very cool little bike
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    Lean and minimal,nice proportions.
    Seems odd to see a street bike without indicators.
    Very nice.
    No firestones or exhaust wrap either,thank god.