The Climb Up and Down the Displacement Ladder

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    Jul 4, 2009
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    most of my big bikes had a reason to be big, like the Goldwings and large cruisers. The single exception was a '93 Kawasaki ZX11, bought used, with a lot of miles on it. But it was still plenty fast. Claimed top speed was around 170. It came close. I did a couple of top speed runs with it, out in the middle of nowhere. Had I been caught, I would have gone straight to jail, paid a huge fine, and lost my license. There is no reason for a bike to be this fast. Even if you like going that fast, you can't do it on the street. And at street legal speeds, it was a pig. Big, bulky, and heavy. It felt more awkward than a Goldwing because it was more top heavy and had less front end rake. It was an exercise in overkill, as are all of todays large displacement sport bikes. And to top it all off it was uncomfortable. Kawasaki sold a lot of them, just because of their image of being the fastest bike out there at the time. I notice a lot of people choose large sportbikes based on their acceleration and top speed alone, without even considering handling, which to me is what sportbikes are all about. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I can no longer ride sport bikes of any kind, due to my age and severe arthritis. I now like scooters and smaller cruisers. I would need something to step on to even get on a KLR650 any more, I can't get my leg over the seat.