The Colorado G.O.D.S. -Blind, Crippled, & Crazy

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    Hello boys & grilz, Yes Teh G.O.D.S. escaped the home again during shift change. They snuck out in a rolling clothes hamper, stole some bikes, and scurried, (ambled? waddled? mosied?), out to the wilderness determined to commit vehicular suicide. As is usual, the criminal mind is not particularly astute, and Blind, Crippled, & Crazy hit the road with absolutely no clue as to where they were going or what they were going to do.
    I introduce to you the culprits responsible for wasting your valuable time; Blind, Crippled, & Crazy
    (((((Yes'm, that is cow flop in the foreground. No, I didn't see it when setting up the picture. Yes, I did sit in it. Yes, they made me ride in the back. HEY!!! At least my dog likes my riding pants now!)))))

    The Ringleader, Blind Goose, had heard of a dangerous Spot called "Blow Out Pass" in the San Juans and due to his alcohol addled brain talked the other two fools into following him. For some reason, a pass called 'Blow Out' didn't seem to give any of them cause for concern.

    On the way to the pass, whippersnappers kept whizzing by. I'm not talking just a couple of whippersnappers either. Seems there was an enduro going on in Alamosa Canyon. If anybody was there or knows anything about it, clue me in. We stopped and visited with a few nice folks, but it was obvious they were more interested in the race than listening to a buncha geezers expounding on 'I coulda I shoulda I mighta'. Colorful crowd.
    And fast.

    Teh Hilligan stopped a kind lady in the area putzing along in an RTV, flagged her down and asked if she was familiar with Blow Out Pass. Of course she was, she had just come through there. "Is it rough?" axed the Hilligan ... "It is very rough, I wouldn't try it on a bike. At your age", replied the kind lady.
    "What the hell do women know?" grumbled three slightly mentally disabled geezers?!?!?"

    Apparently, the lady knew a lot.
    This is one of the smooth spots.

    It was one of the few spots that you could stop in because the pass is about a 10% grade strewn with rocks the size of baby heads, toasters, and Volkswagons. Notice the shoulder on the right? That's about the widest part. Did I mention all three are on Social Security and crippled? There should be laws preventing geezers from hurting themselves.

    Fortunately, All made it without too much damage to the top.

    But after that, Things smoothed out, the scenery turned into what comes to mind when you think of Colorado; perfect weather, good buddies, clear skies, and a fresh supply of Depends.

    We're going down there, Fuch's Lake. Don't axe me how to pronounce it. Crippled NoSS called it something that rhymes with 'trucks'. I dunno. The road takes you to Summitville.

    We came from up there.

    Stopped in Platoro for a Burger. "Little Eva's; Proudly serving Colorado, one way or another, for a hundred years"

    Artoo and his Yamaha Chain saw known world wide as "BIGFEETS".

    Teh Hilligan endeavoring not to eat it. Keep in mind, Teh Hilligan is old and crippled, rides a GWP, (Great Wallowing Pig more commonly called a KLR), and didn't start riding until 3 months ago.

    Teh Hilligan & Artoo after a nappy and fresh Depends. The mountain in the background is called, oddly enough, "Big Red Mountain". Creative, eh?

    Goose & Artoo on top of Blow Out Pass ponderin' a map trying to figger out where thee h377 they are.

    It was an excellent ride with excellent people. We had a great time with much adult beverage afterwards. Goose taught Artoo and me we were capable of things we would never have tired on our own and we all got home with a sense of satisfaction and pride that geezers don't have to sit in a rocking chair and wait for the reaper.

    Hope yall enjoy this. We d**ned sure did.

    PS... Those of yall not familiar with Artoo's bike, check out this thread. After watching his crippledy ol azz bust through rocks like he was on I-25, I am seriously re-rhinking my ride. He has dumped a ton of money in it and it has no problem keeping up with our KLRs on the highway. Yamaha did good with this one.
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    We always enjoy geezer adventures!! Thanks for the report and pics :thumb
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    May 15, 2009

    Thanks for doin' the RR! Thoroughly enjoyed ridin' with you and the Goose. :thumb

    Thanks for the plug for the WRR's/WRX. I'll put a link over in the monster thread if ya' haven't already..

    Next Ride: "Square Wheel Summit"!? :lol3

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    Cool ride, Glad you got your bike there Artoo, I know you were talking about the Yamaha at Dicks place,,,
    I miss the cool mountians of Colarodo and up north....
    The heat is breaking a little here in Texas, and I am able to get out and ride some on the few bikes I have,, ha...
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    Hi Guys,
    Good pictures. Looks like you passed another great fishing opportunity.
    I guess anyone didn't wipe out?
    Hope not.
    Hey Hilligan, If you so drop the bike while you are on it. Be sure to release the suction your butt has on the seat, LOL
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    South Central Texas
    Old people rule!!
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    :clap More...must has more!! LOVE your style!
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