The fall of Rajmachi - A Video Log

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    Jun 25, 2010
    Maybe an overdose for the opening post.. but i'll piggyback my intro on this one.

    I am from Mumbai, India and have been riding a 150 cc Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme for more than 3 years now.. With a quite few trips already under my belt, i recently gifted myself a ContourHD helmet camera... and boy does it awe!

    Here's my first ever Video log, with captures from my helmet cam, on a one day off-roading trip i made to a place called 'Rajmachi' near Khandala, Maharashtra, India with my friend Vivek (who was on a Bajaj CT100). The video is superimposed on an audio track, which means without your headphones on, you'll miss out on almost all the fun and the log will never make much sense.

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    I am eagerly awaiting feedback to improvise on my next video log, whenever that may come...
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