The Grand Tour. South America in 100 days.

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    The Grand Tour. Big title? Yes, I understand that many riders here go longer and spend more time, but to me, this is by far the most ambitious ride of my life. Until now I have taken rides on vacation for up to 4 weeks, but this time I have chosen to take leave from work, so that justifies the bigger title to me.
    Im a dane living in Sweden. I'm 51 and came late to the game of riding motorcycles being 40 buying my first bike. A 2007 Suzuki DL650. I always knew that Adventure riding was for me, and after 4 years riding the V-Strom, it took me to North Cape and back. In 2012 I traded the Suzuki for my dream bike. A BMW R1200 GSA. That's the bike I now plan to ride through South America during the next 100 days.


    I have produced this sticker to hand out to anybody who takes an interest in my journey. The red routes are what I've done so far in the past 10 years. Many rides have been on rental bikes.
    The web address on the sticker links to a picture gallery of all my trips.


    My bike in Hamburg and the last time I saw it 3 weeks ago. Ready to be loaded in a crate for sea transport.


    The route have since changed, and this is a map of my circa 62 day GPS routes i have planned. More than 22.000 km of road with a mix of dirt and tarmac. My routes often change on the fly, but the main plan is to start in Cartagena, Colombia. Then Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and finish in Valparaiso, Chile.


    I track the Cargo ship carrying my bike and it's on the last leg to Cartagena. Arriving today, so I'm packing the last stuff and fly out on thursday 16 Nov 2017. Lets see how long it takes to get the bike out of customs. Wish me luck.

    Flemming M or muf722
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    I’m so into this Ride Report, as I plan to do something similar next year.
    Will be following you!
    May the force be with you and good luck!

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    I'm in on this one :-)
    Have a great trip
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    Have fun!