The Green Dragon Runs Rout 66

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    Jul 18, 2010
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    Well i gave up on my broke down 2T scooter after 4000 miles in these Ozarks hills, went out and got a new (2009 mode)l Kymco 150. It is time for some longer riding and i'm gonna need a more dependable scoot.

    So after 2 hours of city "break In" time I rolled out with my friends Vince and Mike for the "Green Dragon's" first long (ish) ride.

    We headed west from Springfield on old Route 66 toward Carthage, MO. Stopped on the way at a famous old Sinclair station. This spot was featured in a recent TV show about a group of Australians crossing the US on Route 66. The place was run by an old farmer type who wanted us to "sit a spell". So we did.


    Vince and i bought hats and patches like a couple of tourists.
    Then on into Carthage. This was a rich mining town in the 1800s but now is mostly known as the source for "Carthage Stone" a great building stone. The court house represents.


    Vince rides the yellow and blue Kynco and Mike has the white Genuine Blur and i'm, as mentioned, on the Green Kymko.

    From there we turned south east and wandered the long way back to town. It was a good ride but mostly long straight road and i really missed my Twisty Hunting.

    I'm absolutely loving this Kymco and the upgrade to 150cc.


    It was a hot day but we pushed through for 180 miles. I put her to bed with 230 on the OD. Not bad for just 2 days old.