The John Penton Story

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    Jun 29, 2006
    Another latecomer. Something caught my eye on this forum (I'm usually at the Triumph Scrambler in Beasts).
    Anyhow, I grew up near Amherst, Ohio and rode a steel tank Penton in the early 70's. Wish I still had it.
    Let me know how I can contribute to the cause. Most people are unaware of Mr. Penton and his accomplishments.
  2. mx-files

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    Oct 31, 2007
    Thanks for everyone's interest and support in "The John Penton Story" film coming in 2014. We have completed the first shoot a couple of weeks ago with John and others in Amherst, OH and have a bunch more lined up in the next 30 days.

    Here is the new album on our Facebook page with some fun pics from behind the scenes on the first shoot:

    For those who still want to support the film and get some neat rewards for doing so, we will have a new website up in about a week that will take PayPal donations at various levels the same as the Kickstarter ones.

    When ready I will come back on and post. Until then, back to the shooting! (and riding my Super Tenere! Love that thing!)


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    May 9, 2007
    After shaking off my hesitation I jumped in and became a "Movie Captain" to see if we could bring this screening to our town. I was initially reluctant but found that besides there being no risk, financial or otherwise to be a Movie Captain I soon had lots of help from others in the area, spreading the word to their friends about this project.

    Last week the movie came to Tucson and it turned out that not only were many people interested in seeing the movie, we managed to "sell out" the original theater and got bumped to a bigger one. :-)

    Here is the link...

    I would say to anyone wanting to see this in your area, jump in and bring it to your town. We went to local shops, websites and craigslist and talked it up.