The joy of broken ribs

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    I don't know what you are talking about....healing in a couple of months, with no pain after that?

    Hell, when I cracked (possibly broke, never went to the doc for pics) mine it took well over a year for them to heal pain free. Yeah, for normal things like turning, coughing, laughing, etc. there was no problem after a few months......but try coaching wrestling! Holy S**t! The first time I had one of the kids do a move and land on my chest I thought I was going to pass out..LOL (now). Wasn't until near the end of the season that I could just forget them and move normally. Not sure they ever healed properly as they still ache from time to time....and it's been 3 years.....but that could just be my age...:D

    And no, I don't feel like a fool for coaching wrestling at my age (late 50's).....the head coach just retired before last season, when he turned EIGHTY YEARS OLD!
    (his wife made him...LOL)

    Anyways....hope YOU heal up quickly and fully, it sure sounds like you have had it much much rougher than I ever did!

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    Dec 28, 2002
    Broke 5 ribs and my clavicle on the right side in a bicycle accident. Getting out of and, especially, into bed was excruciatingly painful for a week or so. I told my wife to ignore my agonal utterings as I attempted to lie down. A year and 3 months later I never notice the ribs, but the clavical is still an issue--has plate and screws that need to come out. The absolute worst part of the ordeal was having to sleep on my back for >2 months. The first time I could sleep on my stomach and left side was most gratifying, then slowly came being able to sleep on the right side.
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    Fuck, cracked ribs? A couple of shots of JD and slam the fingers in the car door and no more rib pain!!!! Fuck, Rambo-up man!

    Seriously, I did a Vet Expert mountain bike race 12 weeks after breaking 5 ribs, one of them right near the vertebra - the thick part of the rib - with nerve damage and lung adhesions. I was slow, but I finished.

    Hardest part was flying cross country about 10 days after the rib-breaking accident. But being messed up on percocet, having a few beers and digging into the steampot at Joe's Crab Shack made the pain more tolerable. Mind you, the chick sitting next to me in the back row of economy had broken her femur in three places in a dirt bike accident. She looked pretty fucked up in her ambulatory rig, I was merely uncomfortable!

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