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The monster Monster thread! (formerly Why not a Monster)

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by JustKip, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. jerdog53

    jerdog53 Crop Dusting Everywhere

    Feb 6, 2007

    But they got no sole........
  2. llamapacker

    llamapacker Mr. Conservative

    Oct 4, 2007
    Middle of another ThunderStorm
    We bought a used 09 696 for my wife. I had to lower it over 2" plus she added 1" soles to her touring boots. She loves it after owning 3 other bikes, feels it is the best. She rode it to Salida, Co. this summer and up Independence pass. Gets about 200 miles to the tank.


  3. JustKip

    JustKip Long timer

    Apr 28, 2007
    Fresno, CA
    I tried to love the Speed Trip - I really wanted to. Similar ergos to the 1100 Evo, (Street Trip felt similar to the 696 - too low/small) but the Speed 3 is about 50 lbs heavier and all up high. Fantastic engine! but feels heavy and slow to transition in tight manuvers which is exactly where I would be using it.

    Just a seat-of-the-pants feel...in high speed sweepers the Speed 3 would humiliate my GS, but in the tight stuff I'm absolutely certain it would be the other way 'round...even with the 50 pound and 30 HP advantage.

    I've never considered a FZ8 or FZ1. I've never even sat on one. In fact, I wouldn't know an FZ if I was pissin' on it..
  4. damasovi

    damasovi Long timer

    Nov 8, 2006
    Ensenada, Baja California
    then go and find one! I knew somebody would say something like "no soul" and that means a lot of different things for different people. For me they are nice bike, and NO SEX APPEAL when next to a Ducati FOR SURE! how every I am not there yet, I need to add bike #3,4, and then the SEX bike! UNtil then I will continue to buy a bike that can do several things simply because I can't afford 4-5 bikes now... one day!!!

  5. C/1/509

    C/1/509 Why?

    Jul 21, 2006
    I have not owned a FZ1, but it's a naked version of the R1. Before I got back into bikes a lot of years ago, I seriously considered a FZ1, but didn't buy one. I did a bunch of research on them, and in my view compared to the Monster it's chalk and cheese - really different bikes. The Monster is a cool bike. The 696 (or whatever the "small" one is today) is different than the rest, really physically small - too small for me, but they are cool bikes. In my view, the Monster is a Duc/Italian version of a UJM. The FZ1 is a Japanese naked sportsbike - pretty different. From Ducati it would be the Streetfighter.

    Think about what attributes are most important to you, what you're willing to compromise on and viola! I'm being goofy, but no bike is perfect at everything - they are better at some things than others. Pick the one that's good at what you want and get it. And be careful about too much advice from the internet - including this! :lol3
  6. RydRy

    RydRy Been here awhile

    Feb 21, 2009
    heck thats true- I mean soul- I had a bmw and that thing had no soul- my monster is so uncomfortable for me at 6 foot 200 lbs but it has sooooo much soul- wouldn't have it as a daily rider but agree its a second bike to shoot around city and have fun in some hills- go far? nope! then again my bonneville needed filled up every 123 miles too what the heck- doesn't mean Id trade for a soulless bmw or harley that goes 400 miles- nope- chose based on your heart not some fools definition of soul
  7. OConnor

    OConnor Bad juju

    May 22, 2004
    Monsters are cool and there's nothing like the 2-valve Desmo motor. I can just sit and look at mine.
    Would I have one for an only bike? No.
  8. JustKip

    JustKip Long timer

    Apr 28, 2007
    Fresno, CA
    Yeah. That really don't tick too many boxes.
    For those who have never ridden central Cali...

    "The Mighty 190"

    Streetfighter? No. Hypermotard? Oh yeah! :deal
  9. Hoodis

    Hoodis Been here awhile

    Jul 1, 2012
    East of Unifour
    Very nice. The soundtrack would have been "better" with a 2 valve L-twin through a pair of Termis.
  10. Steveo.

    Steveo. Adventurer

    Apr 19, 2012
    I've got a 2011 796 and love it. Great commuter bike with good power, lightweight and handles like a dream. I'm 5'9" so it fits great as well. I'm heading out for the summer on it in June and will put 4000Km on it doing a loop through Wyoming, Idaho, Washington and back home. It's not the most comfortable bike after 5 hours, but it's not too bad.

    To each his own but if you like it, buy it.


    MODNROD Decisions, decisions

    Feb 20, 2009
    Midwest, West Oz
    I had to sell my S4R 4 years ago, and I still miss the nasty, evil, bitey little thing! :lol3 I would love to have another one eventually.

    Standard they are VERY nice, tweaked they are a bit of a handful, but bloody lovely bikes.

    It's the one in my sig line.
  12. Niles

    Niles Riding >> Typing

    Jun 28, 2012
    NE Ohio
    I had a 620ie for a while, put 6k or so on it. Only problem I had was the brake light switch for the rear brake failed. Other than the lack of wind protection and the crappy suspension it was a really good comfortable bike for running around town. Especially with slightly taller bars. I even sold it for a significant profit. :)
    I probably should have kept it, but my irrational vengeful hatred of vw/audi means I can't own anything vaguely related.
  13. dman

    dman Been here awhile

    Sep 29, 2004
    Santa Cruz, CA
    Monster opinions seem even more subjective than for most bikes, but I'll chime in here. I have a '99 M900 (w/carbs) that I've owned since new and have ridden over 30K miles. Miles ridden have been much less in the last 4 years since I bought a 650 VStrom ... which may say something. My bike is stock except K&N filter and Dynojet kit. The Monster is often tagged as a "city bike" but like other owners have said it's not great in town .... snatchy low-rpm running, limited steering lock, etc. OTOH, I have put in many 300-600 mile days and it's quite comfortable for medium-speed sport-touring (50-90 mph two lane roads). Mine has been flawlessly reliable - zero problems. Maintenance is pretty easy. Fuel economy varies a lot depending on duty cycle, but open road cruising gets over 50 mpg (US) and near 200 mile tank range.

    When I go out to the garage I typically get on the VStrom and don't even think about the Monster, but when I ride the Monster on a back road and experience the smooth mid-range pull (yes, I know it's not a hotrod by any modern sport bike standards), I get a smile on my face. But the next time I go for a ride, I still get on the Suzuki. It's just an easier ride, and as I get older, I find I get more pleasure from the road and the environment than the bike itself, and less tolerant of the Ducati's idiosyncrasies. But I can't think of any reason NOT to buy one, especially as a stablemate to a GS.

  14. Sandman 950

    Sandman 950 .

    Dec 30, 2009
    30 miles norf ov London init!
    I'll tell you why NOT...

    I walked into my local Ducati dealer near London 12 years back
    £5000 in cash in my pocket
    Walked up to a beautiful red M900
    Looked around it for about 3 minutes
    Looked around the showroom for a salesman, he was looking right at me, but
    he was sitting at his desk having a coffee with a few pals, chatting...
    I walked up to the desk to get his attention...
    ...he looked right at me and returned to his friends to chat!
    I stood there for a bit, this is awkward, his pals were looking at me now too so
    Maybe he didn't see me standing at the big red M900
    I returned to stand right next to it, for about 3 minutes and then I thought you know what...
    FUCK HIM...and walked out
    Within seconds the salesman came out running and shouted 'do you need any help mate?'
    To which I replied 'FUCK YOU' and got out my £5k and waved it to him across the car park
    You had your chance, got into my van (which I took to pick up the bike) and drove off to another dealer
    Surprise surprise Ducati London closed down within weeks of this

    ...not that I'm bitter and harbour a grudge or anything! So, where were we? Oh yeah, Monsters...
  15. JMo (& piglet)

    JMo (& piglet) Gone a bit Baja

    Apr 1, 2007
    Somewhere west of Laramie...
    I'd offer an opinion, but all I really want is an excuse to post a photo...


    But eye-candy aside, I'd say the current generation of Monster (that is the 696 / 796 / 1100evo) is a fantastic do-it-all naked bike, and much more 'every day' usable than the previous generation - where riding position and handling characteristics can be an acquired taste (nothing wrong with them at all, just in comparison to the typical Japanese bikes of the era)...

    Personally these days I'd be looking at one of the new generation Monsters (or the new Hypermotard) if you are new to the brand, as even the newest S2R / S4R is five years old now - however, I would say the S2R800 is perhaps the sweetest and purest of all the previous generation bikes...

  16. corndog67

    corndog67 Banned

    Jan 24, 2006
    Santa Maria, CA

    Well, Cortez, I've washed my Ducati once, and the bitch wouldn't start. So, being smarter than the average Bear, I don't wash it anymore. And I try not to ride it in the rain, although I have been caught out, and it didn't miss a beat. My KTM seems waterproof, more or less.
  17. Existence_Inc

    Existence_Inc The Wanderer

    Nov 6, 2011
    Southern CO/Northern NM
    I will suggest you test ride the Streetfighter 848. Mine was sorted out of the box, it's plenty comfortable for 200+ miles (longest I have done on the stock seat), fast, powerful, rides smoothly around 3krpms around town, sounds great, and faster than I am.


    I replaced the stock exhaust because I didn't care for the looks. Mine runs great with no ECU mapping and stock gearing. 15k Valve Service Intervals, wet clutch, and 45+MPG to boot. Just a thought. Comfortable, spacious ergos for me (6'1", 34" in-seam). And contrary to popular opinion, the stock suspension is fully adjustable, fine for town riding and is plenty fine for fast mountain roads.

  18. maxjett

    maxjett Biketrader

    Aug 7, 2007
    Raleigh, NC
    I bought a 97 M750 in 1998 with 400 miles on its and still in the garage. A few upgrades done, very little mtce required. It doesn't have alot of HP compared with the new stuff S4RS but in the mountain roads the 750 will run with the bigdogs and I never think its gonna kill me. I have 6 other bikes and none of them have been around that long and I like to ride different bikes. Oh yeah Termi's are a must.
  19. Cortez

    Cortez BAZINGA!

    Apr 22, 2006
  20. fifthcircle

    fifthcircle Beer Knurd

    Jan 20, 2005
    Knee deep in diapers, Nebraska.

    New to Duc's:
    I'd also love to offer an opinion, but I just brought her home yesterday, and the odometer says 0. I have not ridden a monster. :huh No, really. Not even a test ride. Call me crazy, but I have wanted one since I first laid eyes on one. The opportunity came for me to nab one, and I did. As most of us agree...you only live once! Now if it would warm up and melt the snow and ice, I would be even happier.