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    Today has been another lovely spring-like day here in the Southeast. Hopefully, it won't end as yesterday did with the death of a 37-YO female rider. For those who only ride when it is nice out.....brush up a bit before you get out in traffic. Spend some time making sure you remember all of the controls. Don't push the bike or yourself...take it easy. I am very nervous when I see people duck-walking it through intersections, only using the rear brake, not using their mirrors, looking down when they shift, not able to actually stop when needed, etc.

    Yes I realize it is nice out. Yes it is your right to ride as you please. But, would it really hurt so much for you to treat that thing like it is more than a toy. Riding IS dangerous. The less experience you have the danger increases. Be aware. Wear the proper gear. Ride to ride again. These aren't just cute slogans....they actually mean something!

    Those of us who ride every day, for whom our bikes are our main source of transport, understand the desire. We get the fact that you are a "bad dude", or you are "Joe Rocket", when it is sunny. But while the sunny days don't last scars are forever.

    Sorry peeps, end of rant.
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    Great reminder!
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