The other motorcyclists on the road

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    You know, I have found myself doing that same thing the last while, whereas I used to always stay to the left - for the reasons you list above. My riding style changed after I hit that car in 2010, so I am assuming it's a confidence thing. I guess I had better smarten up! :1drink
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    I wouldn't roost them with rocks. What if he's got his shield up and you put his eye out, or knock out a tooth? I would come by close, let them know they aren't intimidating you. Or, and I know that Hooska will do it, come by on the back wheel while flipping them off.
  3. C/1/509

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    Jul 21, 2006
    What a douche move. Why would someone even do that?
  4. ttpete

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    Whack his kill switch as you split the middle. :lol3
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    Not a Hardly rider, but I do ride the cruisers. . . . Maybe they've met the same pickup trucks I have. It's twice now I've been riding in a county south of here and had a pickup truck come over the line at me, and by come across the line, I mean swerve to hit me. I've managed to evade, but it all happened so fast that I've never been able to read a plate or anything. By the time I'd turn around they'd be long gone, and no doubt they know the area better than I do anyway.

    I've gotten in the habit of giving oncoming traffic a wide berth. If they want to get me, they'll have to work for it.

    Just 'cuz you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you. :lol3

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    I do that frequently for these reasons: leaving space for the inevitable gawkers and flatlanders that are drifting across the line, cruising the center of the road because they are afraid of the drop-off on the right, or passing in bad places.

    On a two lane road in Colorado, you are bound to have lines of cars approaching all caught behind one slow person that is afraid they will suddenly spasm and drive off a cliff (whether there is a cliff nearby or not). I want to be visible to the person four to six cars back in that line that is thinking about trying to pass the whole bunch. As they move to their left, my right, they can can see the the right side of my lane before the center of the road. If I am hidden from their view by the traffic in front of me, I am too close to said traffic.

    As to visibility to turning cars, and seeing farther up the road, I agree. That's why I stay back far enough from the car, truck, RV in front of me to see up the road, and why I do move over to the left track when approaching a possible turning car. If I have to be close behind someone, I move left also.

    That's my theory derived from my extensive 6 months of motorcycling, and advise from several friends and relatives that have many decades of safe riding under their belts. Feel free to correct me - now back to other bikes on the road.:ear
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    You see... that there is what I do too. Get where they can see you sooner.
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    When we had words at the pub it transpired the KTM sisters were lead and wingman on a group ride.
    They were attempting vMax control of the pack.
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    Inexperienced A$$? That's all I can come up with...
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    Dec 19, 2010
    Yesterday, first warm Saturday this year, a lot of bikes out. I had to deliver something I sold with my truck. First I am on a back road posted at 35 mph going 45. Two sport bikes come up behind me. First guy has a full face helmet as the only gear he has on. Second guy only has a jacket. The helmeted squid is glued to my rear bumper. Now my tailgate is open and I have a large wooden rack hanging out, it is very well tied down but he doesn't know that. I pull over and let them by the first place I can and 100 yards later they stop to let oncoming traffic clear so they can make a left turn. :huh
    Then on the way home two pirates coming the other way side by side. Long straight away so I can see them for awhile. The one in the left of his lane has his tires on the yellow line so his left forward control and ridiculously high ape hanger is in my lane.:eek1
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    I remember riding the punky buellster a few years ago and getting past a group of harley riders on hwy 49 until I got to the 2nd lead guy. There was road work so we had to pull off the main road and get around road work. Well the guy in the harley full dresser in front of me goes to get back on the roads. I see the asphalt work has left about a 3in raised lip running parallel to the road. The harley guy in the dresser tries to merge onto the road but doesn't negotiate correctly hits the lip completely parallel and lays the thing down. His buds were behind him so I kept going, harley riders disdain my blast so to hell with them. I keep going and catch up to the lead man who is stopped wondering where the posse is. I think the first thing they teach you in the MSF class is to not hit tracks going parallel.
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    I'm not so sure it's the first thing they teach you. :lol3
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    So you've managed to evade that pickemup by diving to the right side of the lane... You want to chop your reaction space in half (or less?) You're going to evade the next pickemup by diving to the ditch? ...and that makes sense? :ear

    So riding scared is better than riding assertively? :ear IME riding assertively actually reduces the # of incidents I'm involved in. No, it doesn't mean staying in one place in the lane, but ITS YOUR LANE. Take it. :nod

    My $.02

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    I've got a new stories and I'm guessing its cause everyone is coming out for the nice weather (people here in Cali seem to think anything below the mid-70s is cold :lol3)
    On Friday I was in going thru Lake Elsinore on the 74. For those who don't know, Lake Elsinore isn't a large city but the 74 is a very popular and busy road since it connects the coast and the 15 in a very beautiful through the mountains type road. The 74 is a 2 lane road, 1 lane each direction that splits into 2 lanes for a very short periods thru Lake Elsinore.
    Well at the first spot were it splits into 2 lanes I see a guy riding a harely filter to the front...on the right side of the right lane, not to big a deal tho best I know that isn't legal and its a bit stupid, but this will be the least of his stupidity.
    The cross street we are stopped is the High School's street and it just happens that the kids just got out flooding the streets and sidewalks in the area with even more people. Well I glance over at the Harley guy and he seems to be paying complete attention to the cross traffic's light. As soon as it turns red he proves me right by gunning it across the intersection, thru a red light and scaring the people turning left (they had got the green light).
    I watch him as the road goes back to 1 lane and he weaves thru traffic and crosses into the center turn lane to pass multiple cars at a time, going dangerously fast with a lot of cars and people going every which way. I'd truly be surprised if he doesn't find himself testing the merits of his brain bucket sooner than later. I hope he wises up, cause it stuff like that that the cagers seem to remember when they think of motorcycles.