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    The whaaaat???? It's the Ohio Valley BSA Owners Club's "Reliability Run" Dual-Sport Ride. Just a lil' ol' local DS ride through the hills, valleys, and creek bottoms of SE Ohio, but a fun, enjoyable ride by any account. True, the OVBSAOC are a Brit-bike bunch, but bikes and riders of all flavors turn out for their super-nice, twice-yearly rallies. Events include a swap meet, bike show, observed trials, themed road-rides, field events, food, music, and of course the DS ride. Of particular interest in this ride is you never know what kind of bikes are going to be brought out to ride. Come out and join the fun. Go to the OVBSAOC site for more info. To get you started, here's a link in, showing helmet-cam footage of a multi-multi-multi-multi-creek-crossing section, shot from aboard a '67 Triumph: