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    Jan 4, 2012
    Bump…just want to dig up this old thread to give a +1 (actually two of us went) for Cornerspin

    We went in Spring of 2012, but I never posted my own review.(I just lurk here, but since I rely this forum's reviews and recommendations, I figured I'd share:). It was an excellent experience (really, really, so much fun, with a distinct improvement in my riding skills :clap), I can’t recommend the school and Aaron Stevenson highly enough. I would definitely go again (probably will), and it made the cost of attending other riding schools seem like a better idea (I will now definitely do cornerspeed at some point, but probably do total control first).

    +1 to you “can never learn too much.”

    Other people do a better job than I would of reviewing Cornerspin , so here are some fun and useful threads about the school: