The "what the hell are you thinking?" build

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    Sep 22, 2012
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    Been a while since I updated this thread, but then it's also been a while since I accomplished all that much. I'm currently smack in the middle of re-wiring the bike, so there aren't any pictures since, well, this type of stuff is really boring and tedious to me. But I'm getting close to having the "chassis" harness done, it'll cover the basics like lights, horn, turn signals, etc. Later, I'll make a separate engine harness for the MS setup.

    Next step is to start building the intake manifold. I've decided that it will be easier for me to just bite the bullet and build a manifold as opposed to modifying the stockers for two reasons: finding throttle bodies that will fit where the original carbs were is proving to be difficult because of the oddly small diameter of the stock carbs, and that building a single-plane manifold with one throttle body will simplify tuning later on. I also won't have to fab a throttle linkage to connect multiple throttle bodies together, which honestly is more intimidating to me than fabricating an intake manifold. I have a decent idea of the basic design, but it'll take a couple beer design sessions with a couple engineer buddies to hammer out details like runner length/diameter and plenum volume.

    Anyway, the project still grinds on. Once I get through the wiring, things should pick up a bit.