The "WTF" Arizona Two Day Massacre

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    After 15 or so minutes of waiting to see if anyone would arrive where I was I started to make plans for moving forward. For quite some time now I have been using the Scala G4 and what a great device this is. The speakers and mic in my helmet are just what I needed as the phone rang and it was AZRedline letting me know he might be lost. After some time trying to get his location off his gps and me trying to input it into mine we decided to just go with land marks and I would ride to his location. After using the horizon and land formations along with some trail features and a lone water tank I was able to ride to his location a few miles away. Not long after meeting up the phone went off again and it was 4Play letting us know he was solo and not sure where we were but he was on the trail somewhere. We felt sure he was ahead of us as he had ridden for quite a while before retreating to see if anyone was coming and as soon as we got around the first corner he could hear the bikes and come to find out we were not more than 500 yards away from each other. Now in pitch dark we moved AZRedline to the front as his light isn't the best and started heading toward the meetup point with YBRacing.

    I stopped a border patrol guy in a 4*4 also in the middle of nowhere and let him know about our Julio situation and if he saw him to let him know we had headed to Patagonia. Just minutes after that we stopped to call YBRacing and let him know we were moving all be it 2 hours late toward him and while we were talking I got a message from Julio that he had followed the tracks the wrong way and had ridden back to the hwy from once we came and was going to ride the blacktop around to Patagonia as his headlight also sucked.

    It would seem that we were now gathering some momentum toward getting everyone to the over night location and after a short time we had met up with YB and were on our way to meet up with everyone else.

    Got to love it guys...... The pizza was great and the soda cold and the stories of the day were awesome. Now we get to do it all over again tomorrow. Life is good
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    From my point of view, I was behind Cyberdos & Drew, made 10' of a wrong turn then was on the gas trying to catch back up. The trail was smoothing up a bit so I was haulin the mail & could not believe I couldn't get close enough to see any dust (turned out Drew & Julio missed a turn & Steve & I wound up ahead of them). I knew Steve had ridden the trail before & incorrectly assumed he knew the way. After about seven miles of full boogie I hit a long fairly straight hill & there was no headlight behind me? I stopped and waited a bit & was worried about Steve, he's a very good rider & should have been close. I decided to back track in the dark all alone to find Steve. Being able to reach Drew by phone made a potentially bad situation turn out fine. I may have to look into a Scala system.
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    You did the right thing Buddy. Had I not reached Drew on the phone, I probably would have hooked back up with you, in light of your backtracking. I was at that intersection for quite a while, but only because I had indeed gotten in touch with Drew rather quickly after arriving at that spot. Also, had I ridden about 200 yds south, I would have hit that big stock pond which I instantly recognized from our previous trip.

    The bike to bike communication broke down quickly due to the rugged terrain. Once a mountain gets between you, it interferes. Of course, that can also work to our advantage in that when connection is lost we can adjust our pace to get reconnected, which we sometimes do.

    All in all it worked out fine. I wasn't too worried because I had lots of fuel so knew if I headed generally south and east I'd pop out somewhere!
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    Dead reckoning is the best gps I've ever used in the outback! Never failed me.
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    I concur.

    Ride 'til I'm out of gas or dead. I reckon that's always worked for me.