There is some talk ofmamrlocqtion in my future to St albans WV area

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    Hey Mutt. I can't speak for myself. But my Dad retired to an area near Crabtree, NC from Anderson, IN. My Dad used to run the piss out of his CB750 Honda down thru the hills of the Smokies and would occasionally get up to WV. In all of his riding, he decided, like you, that he wanted to live in a particular area because 'he just liked it'. The view from his porch is to die for. And he is 15 minutes from a Lowes. He has been 'down' there now for 23 years. That was a time when regular folks could afford to buy some land and put a nice little home on it. Gonna cost you a bunch of dead presidents now for 5 acres and house.

    When the time comes, get you a realtor and go for it.