Things Dealers tell Customers

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    It depends:
    1---That's the way American Honda is doing things
    2---The model will change and there really aren't any more of this model
    3---He was lying to you.
  2. C-Stain

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    Jul 9, 2009
    The local shop I use is wholly owned and operated by a very nice couple. No Vehicle Sales, minimal accessory sales BUT their service is second to none.

    I carry in my Rims for tire changes. The last invoice I paid was $23.74. That was for mounting, balancing, wheel weights, labour and taxes. I keep going back.

    Nowadays, when I walk in the owner will generally nod to the tire machine and say, "You know where it is - get yourself started!"
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    Yep, pretty much.

    I don't drink all that much, but I drink well. Fine ales I've earned via tire changes and other informal mechanicking really start to pile up about midsummer.

    Fortunately, I can throw a cookout and clear out much of the backlog on MotoGP weekend.
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    What I heard from my dealer when I ordered a few parts this morning;

    "I have a overnight order going for the service department, I'll add your stuff on it, and you can pick it up tomorrow..."
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    Swung by my local Honda dealership riding my Cannondale home from work to try to see one of the new CB 500s purely for shits and giggles.

    Asked the rep if they had one, he said "yeah man! can't beat it for the price"

    The only bike he was pointing at as a CBR 250. I shook my head and got on it, got off and proceeded to leave"

    Then another rep dashes after me saying, "Aren't you the guy who called this morning"


    Oh well, we've got great deals going on for you right now 1.1% APR etc etc etc.

    If I was a mean person I would have told him they need to learn how to fucking count, or if I can get two 250s for the price of one 500 since its half the size.

    Why can't the AMAZING local Kawi or Suzuki dealer be the one I pass every day to work? Lol
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    Dealers take a bad rap. My experience with them is that there are a few that have no scruples and will rape you if they can. The rest are just honest folk with a passion for bikes, trying to make a living. What I can't stand are people who take their bike to get fixed, or tires they bought online mounted - and then bitch about the price. Profit is not a ; letter word. Last week, my bike needed new tires the day before a big trip. I called my local dealer who fit me in, orders a set of tires overnight, and got the job done. It cost $493 for a new set of Tires, install, balancing, and disposal. Was it spend? Sure. But they bust their ass to accommodate me, and stayed late afterwards so I could pick it up.
    I work in a similar industry. Service costs money. I paid the bill, ride away satisfied. My time is worth money, and so is theirs.
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    I agree with this philosophy. I figure that i can easily blow the $50 that i saved on something I won't have the next day, (drinks, food etc.) But, having my bike serviced properly and a good relationship with the shop lasts a lot longer...or something like that. :1drink
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    I don't think anybody is expecting better service for less money. It's bad service for more money that most of us are complaining about.

    The Dodge dealer wanted over $35 for an oil filter for my Dodge/Cummins truck because it was "special". WTF is special about an oil filter? It's not like there's one standard in the world, and the Cummins uses something else.
    Online, a Wix filter was less than $10. At the Napa across the street it was $15, and in stock. The guy at Napa didn't try and convince me it was "special"; it's just another oil filter.

    That's the kind of thing dealer get a bad rep for. High prices, mixed with a BS story to justify his price.

    I'll pay extra for good service, like at McMaster Carr or the local auto parts place that hires mechanics, rather than teens who don't know the difference between 4WD and ABS.
    I'll pay more for convenience.
    I'll pay more when I trust that even if things go wrong, they'll be made right.

    I won't pay more just because Suzuki has given the local mouth breather a franchise.
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    Jan 15, 2009
    I get the 4-2-1 kits at Geno's Garage.

    I had a bad Auto parts deal one time.
    I needed a water pump for a Chevy 235 6 cylinder. Ordered it from one of the local parts stores. I was out of town when it came in so I had a friend pick it up.
    Got home and the person who picked it up said "That water pump sure was expensive!"
    Me: How much was it?
    Buddy: $83.
    Me: :eek2 WTF!

    I took it right back, walked in and said "I'd like to return this water pump."
    Parts guy: What's wrong with it?
    Me: Its missing the gold lining.
    Parts guy: :huh
    Me: Any water pump for a Chevy 6 cylinder that cost's 80+ dollars should have some gold in it somewhere.
    Parts guy: :pissed There will be a 15% restocking fee because it was a special order.
    Me: Special order? Whatever, go right ahead, I'll still save money going to the other parts store.

    I had to order it from the other store but there price OTD...$24.

    Needless to say I don't buy parts there anymore.
  11. GoNOW

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    Feb 22, 2006
    Customer: "I need oil for my kids bike".
    Me: "What kind of bike?"
    Customer: "Dirt Bike"
    Me: "Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawaski, or Chinese?"
    Customer: "It's Chinese. I just want the oil."
    Me: "They are use different oil, do you know what type?"
    Customer: "No, just give me the oil."
    Me; "Do you know if it's 2-stroke, or 4-stroke."
    Customer: "It's at least 10-stroke."
    Me: "Nobody makes a 10-stroke, it has to be 2 or 4."
    Customer: "This one is a 10-stroke, why are you bring a pain? I just want the oil."
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    Oct 15, 2011
    fill up the lot with trades and deals
    don't be late
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    I think the problem I have with this is that they should be upfront about what their labour (mounting) costs are and what the cost of tyres are. If they're mounting the tyre for free, because they're marking the tyre up by $25, just say, "We will fit tyres we sell for free. Other tyres will cost $25 to be mounted and we cannot accept liability for any problems resulting in their use that cannot be proven to be caused by our fitting them incorrectly." It seems to me that the reason that places that don't do this get so bent out of shape, is that they secretly mark up the price they sell the tyres for and charge separately for fitment. Someone depriving them of the markup, by bringing their own tyre effectively forces their hand on the matter (IE to be honest about it) and I think that is why some garages get so upset by this.

    Incidentally; I use one particular garage to both supply and fit my car tyres (I only buy specialist things like winter tyres that he can't supply online), even though it cost slightly over what I could get it done for elsewhere precisely because he will will fit motorbike tyres sourced from elsewhere and I am grateful to him. I think the half dozen times he has fitted motorbike tyres for "only" £10 a time for me, has probably brought him about £1000 in total, over the years.
  14. 1911fan

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    One of my coworkers just did this, the other way round. We work at a car dealer, with some deadweight.

    Customer comes in, "I want seven quarts of 5w30."
    Coworker: "I need your VIN number."
    Customer: "Why? All I want is oil."
    Coworker: "So I make sure to get you the right oil."
    Customer: "I already told you what I want. Seven quarts of 5w30, please. You don't need the VIN number for that."
    Coworker: "What if that's not the right oil? Can I have your VIN number?"
    Customer: "It's my truck, I know what it takes, can I have seven quarts of 5w30 please?!"

    This went on for a while, until the customer left without oil. Coworker has had it carefully, and slowly, explained to him that he should have sold the guy the oil he asked for. Still doesn't get that he did anything wrong. "But what if that wasn't what his truck takes?" he says.

    We need a good :facepalm icon.

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    :rofl If it had been me asking for the oil, when the guy asked for the VIN i would say ok, but it'll never pop up and proceed with HLS30-******.

    IMO when somebody comes in asking for a specific amount of a specific type of oil they probably know what they need. It's the ones that say "I need some oil for my truck/car/whatever else." that I would want more info from.
  17. SnowMule

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    Jul 2, 2009
    you mean like :fpalm?

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    Man, I had a similar interaction with a Suzuki dealer years back. Brought in the wheel and tire for one of my Cat-Trax ( lightweight dolly for moving beach cats around on sand) - I'd punctured a tire, got a replacement and brought the de-mounted aluminum rim and tire in to mount - its fat like a Quad wheel, but with no lug nuts.

    It started with
    "What is your phone number..."
    and proceeded for another couple of non-sequitor type questions, finally bringing me to:
    "Look pal, I'm not applying for a JOB here, I just want a flipping tire mounted."
    "Well, it's our POLICY..." (blah, blah, blah )
    ( after the word Policy in a bullshit context like this you can pretty much stop listening because nothing intelligent will be following )

    " Fine, keep up the good work."

    Mounted the thing myself - wasn't that hard and haven't darkened their doorway since.
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    A dealer two miles from my house had a part on Ebay for $16.90 with free shipping. I went in the place and tried to buy the part. They wanted $29 for it. I mentioned their Ebay ad and they said that particular store was where the Ebay stuff was shipped from. But the $29 was "the difference in retail".

    I went back online and ordered everything (three total parts) I needed for $28 shipped from a different vendor. And I won't be back in that dealership ever again.
  20. bumbeen

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    Feb 12, 2013
    Hilarious, go back there and ask to buy it, when they offer the higher price whip out your phone and buy it on ebay with local pickup.