Thinking of Harley for 2 up comfort

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by cutler686, Jul 27, 2013.

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    There are some really nice looking, excellent handling and performing bikes that are super fun and comfortable for single and two up riding... You just need to look around a little.

    :evil (cough)goldwing(cough-cough)

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    phone rang in the middle of my thought process.

    I meant you cant ad them for the price difference, making the Ultra the better buy
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    You WILL GET USED TO IT . I have a Triumph rocket tourer which i can only describe has , a Road King on steroids , its bigger , heavier , faster , but very comfortable the wife loves it .

    It took me a while to get used to the rt3 , it was easy to handle from day one until it came to the slow stuff , but its just took time , You have to be aware when fully loaded on these big bikes , But after riding that a road king feels small now .

    If your into scraping pegs , the cruisers are the wrong bike , but the rocket with higher clearance will be a good choice , the T bird is a very good handling bike easier to ride slow than the rocket or the road king , but my wife hated the one i owned so i got rid of it .

    To be honest , if i was in the states where they are relativly cheap compared to here in OZ i would'nt hesitate to pick a road king , there a good bike , handle fairly well and comfortable ,, The switchback could be a option but poor clearance is a problem .

    I personaly unless i change styles will always pick the rocket tourer over the road king , simply because here in Aust , a rocket with a backrest is 23 grand and rides extremly well right out of the box you don't need to touch it , the harley road king is 32 grand and you need pipes , tuner and air filter to get the thing running right , plus backrest , 35 grand all up big difference , when the triumph is a better bike ,.

    They (big cruisers )take a bit of getting used to if there new, but my wife jumps on the back and will do 500 mile day in day out , on the other hand she will not even sit on my v strom 650

    If your going that way a road king is the go . if you can afford it , most others are just replicas ,

    Myself i've just discovered the adventure bikes and am loving them . But come summer when i'm taking the missis out for day trips , and loading up the panniers with drinks clothes the kitchen sink to keep her happy , i will be glad of the big tourer , and if its a tight narrow road , , stuff it if i can't chuck the u turn , i'll go round the block , after all when your on a cruiser thats what its all about , cruising with no stress ,

    Believe me once your used to it there easy ,, its a lot harder for me to get used to dirt on the v strom