Tiger 800 trail ride

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    Nov 1, 2012
    Planned on making a loop out of the easier trails around the Northumbria area of the UK that should all be doable on bigger bikes. It was the middle of April and the weather had been nice for the last couple of days.

    So nice and early on Sunday morning I headed off by myself to start planning out the route. I didnt bother going on the first trail because ive been on it loads and know its an easy one, so just stuck to the main road and headed off to the next one.

    Its about an hours ride and when I was getting next to it started to turn into this at the side of the road

    Id come this far now though so didnt want to turn around already.
    Got to the trail and saw patches of snow but it didnt look too bad so gave it a go anyway.

    The trail is about 1 mile long and it took me over an hour to get through


    After that one I didnt bother with anymore and found my way back to a main road and headed back home

    Video of the ride..