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    Oct 6, 2007
    Beylikduzu, Istanbul, Turkey
    I've recently retired and relocated to Istanbul from Northern California. Since I was unable to bring my bike with me, I've been looking locally and have found the following. By far the most common size of bike here is a 125cc and there are hundreds of them on the road. Maybe once a day I'll see something bigger, usually in the richer areas of town. The other odd thing is who makes the bikes. While there are a few Japanese makes and BMW's most are ones I've never heard of. Here's a partial list: Jawa, Lifan, SYM, Kanuni, Celik, Jinlun, Arora, Asya, Dorado, Sherco, Motoran, Mobylette, Mondial, and Kuki. Does anyone know anything about these bikes? I can't find much online about them. One thing that is not small in Turkey is the price for a well known bike. I saw an 08 Goldwing (there are only 64 in the whole country) listed for $34000 US, an 06 Wee for $12000, and an 08 GS1200 for a little over $20000. It is possible to import here, but the government makes the cost outlandish. The assess the bikes value based on the domestic market and charge a 90% tariff. If anyone knows how to get around these restrictions I'm all ears.:cry:eek1