1. High Country Herb

    High Country Herb Adventure Connoiseur

    Apr 5, 2011
    Western Sierras
    Yeah, they seem to be having a hard time keeping the TKC in stock. The Kenda Big Block is another alternative, but people are buying those up faster than they can make them too. I looked for both of those for over a month for my XL600, and finally gave up and bought a mismatched set of Dunlop/Pirelli knobbies that will probably go 1500 miles.
  2. syzygy9

    syzygy9 Been here awhile

    Jan 31, 2011
    Perth, Australia
    Very happy with the overall performance of a Mefo SE rear and Continue TKC 80 front for highway, dirt road and occasional dirt tracks riding. Swap back to to the stock Pirelli's when in town.

    Any advice/experience with air pressures for this combo on hard to sandy dirt roads traveling at ~80km/hr.

    I know the Mefos should be at 41 psi for fast highway and the TKCs have soft sidewalks, but was hoping to get away with ~25 psi on lower speed dirt roads.