Tmax 530 2012

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    Apr 22, 2006
    If that's the set that came with the multivar, it's making the bike run at
    revs where the maximum power is produced at wide open throttle. That's
    how they usually pick the weights anyways.

    Tmax always had a rather high fuel consumption so you can't influence it
    THAT much, but it can be better then it is now.

    That should be 6700-6900rpm ballpark in your case.
    You should first confirm this.

    Then we get to what do you want to accomplish, but bare in mind that
    lowering the "wide open throttle" revs is gonna affect your acceleration,
    read: it's gonna get worse, but you might be able to get a higher top
    speed (this varies from scoot to scoot) and you'll get lower fuel consumption
    and less noise (revs) in normal riding conditions in urban areas.

    If you ride at higher speeds often, commuting/touring, and don't want to
    have the bike hanging around redline, BUT don't want to loose any
    off the line acceleration, the easiest way to do is to get a set of Dr Pulley
    sliders of the exact same weight that you have now.

    Those engage a bit faster so the acceleration might get even better, but
    you're gonna ride at lower revs above (guessing here) 60-65mph because
    of what the Dr Pulleys do.

    If you want a.. let's say.. linear drop in revs at all speeds, get 10-15%
    heavier normal round weighs (malossi is fine) and see how you like it.

    I must say that the Tmax (I've ridden the 500) has one of the best stock
    CVT setups out there so I wouldn't mess around much with it, and I'd
    probably just use Dr Pulley sliders in the stock CVT.

    Just one thing to bare in mind with all this fiddling.

    You scooter specs say:
    Maximum Power: 33.5 kW @ 6 750 RPM
    Maximum Torque: 52.30 Nm @ 5 250 RPM

    With a setup that will get you going (WOT from standing still again) from
    5000 revs compared to the one at 5500 revs, the difference will be
    rather big, but after you get over that maximum torque point, the
    acceleration will not follow the increase in revs like you might imagine.
    (My experience with a couple of scoots that I messed around with.)

    For example.

    My scooter has peak torque at 6500 and peak power at 8000.

    Stock CVT was setup so that it runs around 5600-5700 to 60mph.
    That made the scooter accelerate to 60mph for 11 seconds.

    Dropping in a set of Dr Pulley sliders in the stock CVT, but going 10%
    down in weight moved the WOT revs from 5600 to 6500.
    This resulted in acceleration of 9 seconds to 60mph, and a lot better
    response to throttle when overtaking. It was a huge difference.

    The other thing that the Dr Pulley sliders did (even the 10% lighter set)
    is drop the cruising revs at speeds above 65mph by 500.

    Specifically, I could now cruise at 75mph at 6500 revs, while with the
    stock setup the revs at 75mph were @7000.

    Enter the Malossi Multivar 2000 CVT.
    I got it with 20 gram weights.

    That made the scooter run at 8000 revs at WOT (peak power revs),
    and only about a second faster to 60mph then the stock+dr pulley,
    which is something you would not expect. However, this resulted in
    revs hovering around 6500-7000 at city traffic speeds, screaming
    away, probably shortening the engine life and sucking fuel like crazy.

    Bare in mind that with 8 seconds to 60mph, we're in the Tmax 500
    territory here, and this is a 29hp scooter with no other mods!

    From there (20 gram malossi weights) I went to 23 gram Dr Pulley
    sliders. I expected a bigger difference, but the revs went down by
    only 500 at WOT and when cruising around town. WOT=7500 revs.

    Acceleration was virtually the same, but Dr Pulley sliders did it's thing
    so now I could hit 90mph again at 8000 revs, and with the 20 gr
    rollers I could do 86-87mph bouncing off the limiter at 8700.

    I recently got a set of cheapo 25gr weights and WOT throttle is
    at 7000 revs now, acceleration is, again, very similar, but when
    cruising I can see as low as 4500 now. That's GREAT.

    This was only to check the proper weight for my next order of Sliders,
    and now I'm sure I want 25gr sliders, since the revs at 75mph are
    again around 7000, and I'd like to lower that, BUT KEEP THE 7000
    rev WOT! Makes sense?

    The end result will probably be same cruising revs as with stock cvt+
    10% lighter sliders, BUT 500 revs more at WOT, and the benefits of
    the multivar remain (responds way faster then stock, but you already
    know that).

    Now go read all of that again.

    Bottom line is, every bike reacts differently, but most people have best
    results with stock CVT going 10% lighter with Dr Pulley sliders. It's also the
    cheapest thing to do.

    To make a long story short, you got 14 grams now.. if you can afford
    to experiment (something tells me you can!), I'd go with 10% increments
    and stay away from regular rollers. 10% heavier, that is.

    If you don't want to risk loosing any acceleration, stick with 14g, you'll
    get lower revs on open roads (with the sliders), but the bike will be
    screaming around town like it is now.

    15-16gr sliders would be my best bet for a little more balance and
    unnoticeable drop in acceleration.

    Now, if it were my bike, I'd probably go even higher, just make sure
    that when you open it all the way the revs are above 5250.

    You don't want me to get into the contrast spring stuff now, right?
  2. linusje

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    Oct 20, 2010

    Thanks a lot for the info......very interesting.

    Just now I am planning to sell my tmax for a
    aprilia srv850abs or bmw c650gt.

    Just hesitating.

    Greetings from Belgium and happy holidays.
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    London UK
    Since the Aprilia has an exposed chain final drive, then you can have the dubious pleasure of sourcing a nice carbon-fiber automatic chain-oiler!
    I suspect that once you get beyond the headline power and capacity of the Aprilia and start looking at what comes out of the rear wheel, there is not a lot of difference between it and the BMW.
  4. Cortez

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    Apr 22, 2006
    No problem. :freaky

    One thing though.. if you love your tmax for it's handling.. you won't like
    the SRV..

    It's more like a Burgman and SW/Silverwing, it's good handling for a
    scooter, but the raw power is what they were going for, not agility and

    It's a great bike to tour on, probably.
  5. Joytricky

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    Dec 13, 2012
    Nice bike.. I'm juz with Termignoni exhaust n bitubo rear shock otw soon
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    San Antonio, TX
    <iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Filmed in California!
    ...But not available in the US. :cry
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    Mar 8, 2013
    Tmax 530 2012 is a more efficient motorcycle and also having nice out look.
  8. linusje

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    Oct 20, 2010
    Update with black akrapovic :




    Greetings from Belgium.
  9. cabanza

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    Nov 7, 2004
    San Antonio, TX
    I sat on one today. I had forgotten how low the bars are. Are they lower than on the previous Tmax? Or is the seat a little taller by any chance? Wind protection also seems to be a little less than on the Tmax 500.
  10. Cortez

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    Apr 22, 2006
    I don't remember the bars being different when I tried sitting on both,
    but the wind protection on the 500 IS better.