Tmax, maybe: a weighty question

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by JBSmith, Sep 6, 2010.

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    I rode a buddy's MP3 yesterday and came away thinking I could really get behind this twist-and-go thing. I've long thought the Tmax was a pretty neat scoot, and there's enough ego left in me that I'd rather have a racy-looking Tmax than a Burgman or Silver Wing, both of which have larger engines but are to my eye a bit dowdy. But here's the deal.

    All ATGATT, I weight 270. I'm on a 650 V-Strom now, and my weight doesn't seem to be an issue. But I know little about scoots, and I wonder if the variable belt (or whatever it's called) is unduly stressed by a rider my size. Tires, too.

    I ride about 7,000-10,000 miles a year on the V-Strom, and I don't see that changing were I to swap it for a Tmax. The V-S has been dead reliable, and what little maintenance it's needed, I've done myself; that wouldn't change with a scoot, either. But I'd have to think twice about it if I'm going to end up spending a lot more wrench time on the scooter.
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    Of course, if you go italian, expect that to be the case....and the pricier parts which go with. I own italian and asian scoots and the asian stuff is cheaper by far to keep on the road. BTW I did have an Mp3, and enjoyed every mile of it, but sold it as it's technology coupled with Piaggio's very troubled dealer coverage and numerous dealer failures scared me off of long-term ownership.
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    Rider's weight seems to have nothing to do with performance. I used to weigh that much and still wrung 85mph out of a Vespa 250. The belt never seemed to suffer.
    The Burgman 650, as bulky and non-svelte as it is, has a final drive chain that supposedly requires zero maintenance.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. I weigh 285 pre-gear and the Tmax has been justfine. The variator will keep the beltin the right "gear" to get mqximum acceleration. I personally swapped out the stock variator for a J. Costa variator and shaved 2.5 seconds off my 0-60 time.

    Scooters are going to have more maintenance since the drive belt is a wear item, but most have reported that the drivebelt was still within spec at the 12K mile mark.
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    I am in that same neighborhood pre-gear and my Kymco 250 does 80 indicated over flat ground. In the mountains (12% incline at 6-8,000ft ) it will bog down to 50 MPH indicated.

    The thing that most scooters excel at is being practical and fuel efficient.

    The TMAX may be the exception for the practical in that it has the least storage of nearly all modern scoots. Burgman400 being the king with its ability to swallow two full face helmets underseat and say "anything else you want to put in here"?

    Most larger scooters get 50-60 mpg in town but that is pretty close to may geared bikes...but you need to shift in traffic.. CVT is a breeze in traffic..twist...go.

    For me, I keep a wide variety if things under seat and I can toss my lunch cooler and a book or two, a bag and some other stuff under my seat to commute to work and my topcase is empty. On my way home, I can stop and place a bag or two groceries in my underseat, a twelve pack in the top case, hang my lunch box on the hook and ride home.

    I got about 12,000 KM on my last drive belt. The part was $60 USD and it takes less than and hour to change.
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