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    Oct 3, 2012
    Brisbane North Side, Australia
    Just wanted to post up a big thanks you to Andy_P for taking me out on another ride today!

    We had a ball, well I did, Andy was still a bit seedy from last night, what dedication!

    We started off a little later than normal (10:00am, for Andy's sake :D) from the big servo on the hwy near Caboolture and made our way into the glass house mountains. This was my first time in the Glasshouse Mountains (not much that's not my first atm) and boy was it good! Wet muddy puddles with a little bit of slop thrown in here and there.

    It started of pretty breezy on the wide open tracks and then we hit a massive downhill, uphill, rutted to the crap house, 4WD track, that looked like some sadistic so and so came up with just to scare off noobs, well not this noob!

    Andy says "So you want to do this?" as we watch the 4WD's slip sliding all over the track. I hesitated for a moment and then lied to Andy, "Ok I want to have a go!" So off Andy set, I followed close behind before waiting back a bit to see how he handles it. Well Andy made it through and up the other side with great skill, so I'm thinking, "I can do this".

    And off I went trying so hard to keep my speed right push through the muddy water and keep to the correct ruts. I got to the bottom ok, now for the hill, pick a line and power on a little. I picked a line but probably was not the best one, ended up having my rear tire in one rut and the front in another trying to keep the bike straight powering up the hill, I get 90% there and then, flop! bike is dropped onto soft loamy sandy mud on the right hand side and I've still a ways to go to get up.

    Andy to the rescue runs down and helps my bike back up, we kick her in the guts and then make it up to the top for a breather and to contemplate what I just did.

    Then next 10Km or so was a mix of muddy down hills with massive ruts to some pretty rainforest tracks that tested my pot hole avoidance skills. Andy and I were winging it at this point trying to navigate our way out to commissioners flat rd. We come across a massively wide part of the track with huge ruts and water. As we approached and proceeded to make our way through (gulp!) the four 4WD's behind chickened out and turned around. We persisted and made it through some tricky deeps ruts, some with water, and out back to the power lines.



    We continued along, we could see commissioners flat rd on our GPS's just was not sure which track to take. We chose the track on the right and proceeded down yet another steep muddy hill with a steep muddy climb on the other side. Well needless to say I picked the wrong line again when at the bottom of the hill ended up with the bike on the side again and Andy at the top already. I lean over give it big heave and get the bike up on two wheels again by my self (feeling pretty good about that) Then I see Andy (what a champ!) making his way back down on his bike to rescue me (no need this time pal). I start her up and precariously get her up the hill.

    We finally navigated our way to commissioner flat rd :clap and headed for Woodford.

    After a short stop in at the bakery at Woodford we made a bee line for the Gantry at Mt Mee. I followed the GPS track I did last weekend and we got there safely, after what we just whent through in Glass House, Mt Mee was a breeze.

    We proceeded to A Break with me in the lead, this time I'd do it in the reverse direction (this should be interesting!) Lo and behold coming down A Break was a pinch and I did really well, at one point I thought I'd lost Andy, not so, he's just more sensible and gave me plenty of space ahead.

    From the bottom of A Break we continued our way back to Dayboro stopping at Kluvers Lookout for a picture. Only to find out I'd lost another nut and bolt from my rego plate (same thing happened last week).


    As I sat there contemplating the problem and enjoying the view, who should show up (RACQ AKA MickD!) I gave him a wave and he stopped in to see if we were ok. MickD quickly pointed out my rego plate problem and in no-time was offering assistance to replace the nut and bolt. What a guy! :clap

    The rest of the trip was me out in front leading the way home and Andy_P in the tail still feeling a little seedy still. We made it back to Dayboro where we said our thanks and good byes and proceeded home.

    All in all this was a great ride for me, got to try out some new tracks in different conditions. A very big thank you :clap to Andy for taking me on this ride, it was greatly appreciated with many more lessons learnt.

    I hope to be doing some more rides this month, if any one wants to come especially if your new to this, drop me a line and we'll see what we can put together.

    Ride safe and God Bless you all!

  2. Andy_P

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    Sep 2, 2012
    Glad you enjoyed it. I want to do some more exploring up in that peachester section, so stay tuned.

    BTW, I am a member of the laverda club, so riding seedy is nothing new to me!