Took a new FZ6R and Super Ténéré for a testdrive

Discussion in 'Photos' started by Delta_T, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Oct 9, 2011
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    Last Saturday there was a Yamaha Power tour demo day at a a local dealership I got the chance to take two motorcycles for a testdrive.

    I got all geared up and ready to go in the morning and decided to lube my chain before leaving. I then noticed that my tire was fubar ... :shog


    No way I was going on my bike so I called my friend and he luckely offered me to drive is BMW R1100R (or something or other). Which was a bit of a truck when you are used to driving a little Yammi WR250X. But I really appreciated the offer and off we went to Harrowsmith ON.

    I really wanted to try out the FZ8 and Super Ténéré.
    The FZ8 wasn't available so they offered me to take the FZ6R for a spin. I expected it to be somewhat of a none event, maybe even a bit boring even because a bike like this is completely off my radar.
    But I was pleasantly surprised. Sooo smooth and easy to ride. Comfortable and it had a nice sound too. All in all a quality bike especially for the price but not really my kind of motorcycle.

    Halfway during our ride I swapped with my friend who was driving the Super Ténéré.
    To be honest, I was somewhat intimidated by its size but man-oh-man-man, what a machine. :bow:
    I think Yamaha really nailed it. Once you get on it it feels like you can ride all day. Controls are easy, it is well balanced and doesn't feel heavy at al.
    I'm in love, I've got to have me one of those ! :tb: For longer trips you know.
    My friend had exactly the same feeling as me. He is even considering selling his Harley and Beemer.
    I hope Yamaha gives a discount if you buy two :freaky:


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    May 26, 2012
    I had exactly the same problem :huh. Now is solved:evil[​IMG]