Topo and street maps onThanks, Garmin 60CSx?

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by taco7, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Jul 16, 2011
    Thanks in advance...I have tried searching but have not found exacxctly what I am looking for. My Garmin has and SD card of the Garmin 1:100,000 topo maps on it now. Will it allow me to add the street maps software also? How do I do this?

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    Unfortunately legacy units like the 60/76/Legends can only use one map file at a time, and if you try to add more maps to the Topo set you have now, you will likely lose the Topo maps. If you have the Topo mapset installed on your computer, as well as the other maps you want to install, you can create a new combined set of maps including both mapsets into one download to the 60.

    Whatever you do, you should probably back up the file called gmapsupp.img on the sd card, in case you do overwrite it with something you may not be satisfied with.
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    You could buy another card for the street maps. You'd have to shut the unit down to switch to the other card (mapset). Don't fumble the card into the weeds.
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    Sounds like you might not have a copy of Mapsource with Topos installed.

    If you want to install City Navigator, you are going to have to buy the maps and use Mapsource or Basecamp to install them on your GPS unit. This will definitely overwrite any maps you already have on the SD card.

    New maps always go to the file called gmapsubb.img file on the card. If you have enough room on the card you could simply rename the Topo mapset and switch back and forth by file renaming. But his requires connection to a computer to do.

    You can only have about 2048 map tiles on a 60. I found this limited me to about half of the entire Topo set along with City Nav tiles for the western states. But I think it only used maybe 2G on a 4G card.

    Thus as others have said you can either buy a second SD card for running the City Nav stuff or also buy Topos so you can create mixed map sets.

    This is what I do and I find it worthwhile to have both. There were several years between my purchases of Topo and City Nav, so I didn't have the initial double costs to deal with.