Toronto to Nashville in April (Questions)...

Discussion in 'Americas' started by martyman5000, Mar 21, 2013.

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    I would like to ride down to Nashville this April. I do not want to buy a new GPS until I find one that does what I want. My GPS either takes me to the highway or if I choose alternate route its not the route that I would plan on Google maps.

    A. Any simple way of printing out my directions with Google maps and also using my very basic GPS as a back up?

    B. I want to travel down to all back roads and stay in State Parks in April. Anyone done this? (Ohio/Kentucky)

    C. Might stay in a Hostel in Nashville...any advise on keeping my stuff safe in a big city (on the list of dangerous cities).
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    I have a Garmin 60csx. Using their MapSource software, I can preplan my route while sitting in front of my computer. You must prevent the GPS from automatically recalculating when you're off route, else you'll lose your preplanned route. The recalculation can be set to prompt you. It will sound an alarm letting you know you've deviated from your plan and give you the option of recalculating (which you likely don't want to do).

    I believe there are newer units available that have these functions as well.
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    "Basic" GPS won't accept custom routes, you have to get a higher priced unit to do that. When looking at a prospective GPS that has most of the features you want, go to the manufacturer's website and locate that GPS. There should be some tab headers there that say Overview/In The Box and Specs. Open the Specs tab and scroll down to see if that unit will accept custom routes. Mine (Garmin Nuvi 765T) will display 10 at a time.
    Then it's just a matter of plotting your route on a program (such as HD Ride Planner) and then uploading the route to your GPS and making sure it's preferences are set correctly.

    If you can't find a GPS that you like in your price range that will do that, then you will have to work with a combination of your present GPS and an analog GPS! (map)

    Here's a good resource for finding campgrounds along the way.

    I live 1 1/2hrs north of you and can make it down to Nashville in one long day, riding the slabs. Other wise, think 2 nights/3 leisurely days camping

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    It would be helpful to know what kind of GPS you have now.

    If you give me your email address, I'll send you the GPX of your Google route to load into your GPS.

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    I'm heading from Nashville to Toronto in the same month? PM me your details and maybe we can meet up between here and there. OR, if you are in Nashville prior to or after my trip, I can show you around and we can go for a few rides.


    sgordon70 AT gmail DOT com
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    Any of the cheap Garmin Nuvi units will allow you to route to a city and you may also turn off interstates which then puts you on the 2 lanes. I was born, raised and live in Nashville. You are in NO danger here...downtown is very safe based on police guarding the tourist areas...on the out skirts or city franklin south, mt juliet east, hendersonville north and bellevue west you also will be in NO danger. Nashville is basically 800,000 rednecks who love tourist based on the fact that you eliminate the need for a state income tax through tourist dollars. Come to Nashville and be loved.

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    Get a tank bag with a big map pocket, print out your turns and miles between each, use your odometer/trip meter to know when you're getting close to a turn.

    You could also consider using route charts/roll charts.


    To find backroads, I've usually used the "avoid highways" checkbox to get me started.
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    If you don't mind taking the time you can download RideLeader ( and create your own route OR set of tracks. Just download the software (it is free) and clip on the "map" tab on the top of the screen and you have GoogleEarth maps to creat your route on. Your routes can be saved to a .gpx file which can be downloaded to most newer GPS units or my favorite is he BackCountryNavigator app on Android phones. I used this method to transcribe TAT maps that I bought to GPS files..Good luck! You will love Nashville!

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    even when using Google & a GPS the website can help you by providing a chance to read what other riders have said about various desirable/MC cool roads in every state. If it were me, I'd diverge from SE OH down through WV then ride in circles in WV,VA,E TN & NC as long as possible then west to Nashville. That said we have some great roads here in KY too.
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    If the weather keeps up this way you will need studs!!!:eek1