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Torque monsters?

Discussion in 'The Perfect Line and Other Riding Myths' started by btcn, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. btcn

    btcn Long timer

    Jul 1, 2010
    Morgan Hill CA
    Hi all. So anywhere between the next month and year or so, I'm planing on getting a big bike. I ride an 85 Shadow 700 which I love, but I want more low RPM grunt.

    H-D is pretty much out of the question other than maybe a Sportster due to $. But I need a bigger touring bike than a Sportster.

    What bikes pump out, but most torque at the lowest RPMs? I don't care about HP. It's all about torque!

    I know for the ULTIMATE torque monster is the Boss Hoss 502! That thing would be my dream bike! Not Hayabusa fast, but it has the torque to snap out your shoulder socket! No better feeling [not the snaped collor bone part though!:deal], but obviously I don't have nearly the funds.

    I'm really leaning towards a used Roadstar 1600/1700 Silverado. They supposibly produce there 99 ft/lbs of torque at just 2,250 RPM! That means it pumps out tons of torque just off idle. It redlines at jut 4,000 RPM too! But has a nice tall 5th gear, and you'll never see redline in 5th or you'd be at over 165 MPH. Love that big air cooled pushrod 30's technology motor too! And its one of the best looking bikes IMHO. I can afford a used one at $3,000-$5,000 for an earlier model.

    Its not JUST abotu torque, but about low end torque to me. Low HP and high torque can be fun for some. Like a Roadstar Radiar 1900 cc and the warrier. Those only have similar HP as a H-D, but all the power is the torque! Won't beat an R1 but it'll feel faster.

    But I wander why they don't just go to diesel with some of these type bikes! They can produce much of there torque at low as 800 RPM! Many redline at just 3,000 RPM and under. You'd likely wind up with one slow bike, but extremely torquy at all low RPMs. You could cruise down the freeway at 1,300 RPM with a big inch diesel engine in a cruiser. wack the throttle and it'll just pull harder without ever touching the gears. It would also likely get better MPG's, as seemingly diesels burn a bit more efficitently and it's spinning at idling speeds. In some places diesel is cheaper too. Just a thought it'd be cool.

    I know there is some diesel bikes too. But I think most riders seem to care only about Horsepower, and hi revving. But some of us love that torque! Like a V8. Yea 4 bangers can be tuned to pump out more horses, and be more efficient, but nothing beats a V8!

    My 94 F250 has a 460 in it. I love that torque! It'll turn at under 1,500 RPM in 4WD up the steepest hills when I'm offroading, and not need to downshift when I hit it, just pull harder. I can only imagine a bigger engine, the 502 chevy BB, in a 1,300 pound motorcycle!:eek1
  2. nwdub

    nwdub Banned

    Jul 25, 2011

    vulcan 2000
    triumph rocket III

    neither of them has torque?
  3. trc.rhubarb

    trc.rhubarb ZoomSplat!

    Nov 15, 2011
    Concord, CA
    VTX1800 has a lot of torque and turns about as well as a boss hoss :D
    Victory puts up bigger numbers too (~100) and they actually have a bit more ground clearance

    100lb/ft isn't that much though... I've got 110+ and meh! I'm pushing a land barge. 130 would be a lot nicer :D I'm done trying to make this thing go faster... it's a losing battle.
  4. btcn

    btcn Long timer

    Jul 1, 2010
    Morgan Hill CA
    nwdub the triumph Rocket III sounded promising when I first herd of it.

    BUT, 2 issues for me.

    1.It turns at higher RPMs than I had hoped for on the freeway.

    2. Its not no V-Twin.

    That Vulcan 2000 is promising! Claimed 142 ft/lbs at 2,800 RPM!:evil And WOW! It seems to be capable of pumping 116 HP at 5K! Which means it keeps it's torque thru a wide RPM range! 2,053 cc ain't bad!

    I do like the Vulcan a lot. A great looking bike! Only issue is the $ for me. But this discussion ain't just about the bike I'm buying. Its about torque monsters expensive or cheap!

    I'd definitly qualify the Vulcan as a top torque monster!

    The Rocket III definitly! I just wish it was geared taller. 5th gear is only 62 MPH and already at 2,500 RPM!

    trc.rhubarb I like the VTX. BUT, it likes to rev to much, due to the Dual Crankpin design. HOWEVER we's also gonna quality it as a Medium RPM torque monster, it pumps out 120 ft/lbs but at 3,500 RPM. HP is at 86 HP at the wheel or 106 BHP. Not bad!

    Heres the list so far:

    Low RPM:

    -Roadstar 1600/1700: 99 ft/lbs @ 2,250 RPM
    -Vulcan 2000 142 ft/lbs @ 2,800 RPM
    -Rocket III 2,294 cc 147-165 ft/lbs @2,500 RPM


    -Honda VTX 1800 120 ft/lbs @ 3,500 RPM
  5. O.C.F.RIDER

    O.C.F.RIDER Loose nut behind h/bars

    Feb 28, 2004
    Hewitt,New Jerseystan, OBAMANATION
    I got to ride one of these.....

    Been riding 45 years, ridden almost everything there is to ride (except a Bimota :cry), and I have never, EVER, ridden something that hits this hard in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd gear.
    Ride one & you'll want one!!!!!!!!!
  6. GDI

    GDI Adventurer

    Apr 3, 2012
    Madison, WI, USA
    For cheap torque, you want the Suzuki VS1400 Intruder. . . . It doesn't have the big torque numbers of the other bikes you're listing, but it doesn't cost the big dollars either. 'Course 88ft-lbs. isn't anything to sneeze at.

    All that torque and hydraulic adjusted valves, too!

  7. klaviator

    klaviator Long timer

    May 28, 2008
    Huntsville, AL
    If money is no object:

    150 ft-lbs of torque and 132 HP.

  8. lethe

    lethe Long timer

    Feb 2, 2008
    Hawley, PA
  9. Hurricane Bob

    Hurricane Bob Long timer

    Jun 6, 2007
    Rhode Island

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Yt0OBcq1Y6M" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/t_dmw8dRHfQ" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  10. warrior1677

    warrior1677 Been here awhile

    Mar 18, 2012
    if it's not to late the RS Warrior is an excellent bike for a big twin.
  11. OhBoy

    OhBoy Got Out

    Mar 30, 2009
    Merrimack Valley
    on the VTX1800
    Two front disc brakes = 1800
    One front disc brake = 1300

    Honda screwed up when they stopped making the 1800 and used the 1300 on the Fury.

    Guess the 1800 scared the shit out of too many people. It runs with Goldwing both 1800s.
    The Wing is more of a Mochine, the VTX is the torque monster.
    Also, it does tend to drag footpeg feelers in the twisties.
  12. Snapper

    Snapper Long timer

    Oct 10, 2003
    Fairfield County, CT
    OK, this bike has no where near the peak torque of the recommendations above, nor can it match the torque of a large displacement Ducati, but it handles a lot better than you'd expect and the motor - with the monster low-end torque combine with the lack of an explosive higher RPM - just made it uniquely capable of shredding tires through the tightest of twisties, just off the low end.


    Been riding for almost 4 decades, almost exclusively twisties, and have never before, or since, been able to consistently wear out rear tires in the sides before the centers....clicky

    (too bad HDs are so unreliable)
  13. DAKEZ

    DAKEZ Long timer

    Mar 18, 2007
    Begin Op Zoom
    That wimpy Rocket III only comes with 163 ft.lbs from the factory. :lol3
  14. Chromer

    Chromer Not going gentle

    Jun 20, 2007
    Into that good night
    Torque at the wheel = (engine torque * gear ratio) - transmission losses

    High rpms implies high gear ratios

    Hmmmm.... :hide
  15. ericrat

    ericrat Long timer

    May 18, 2007
    Cincinnati, OH
    Really, have you ridden an R1?

    Think about this, a 502 making 500HP in a 1300 pound bike is .38 HP/pound. That is HP at the crank, so it is "generous".

    The R1 is what 140HP and and under 450 pounds wet. Right about the same HP/weight ratio. And you could pick it up if you dropped it!

  16. btcn

    btcn Long timer

    Jul 1, 2010
    Morgan Hill CA
    Ok, I has replied to all y'all. Please just scroll down find yours if you don't wish to read all this.

    Ok for starters I knew there will be lots of disagreeing. I don't mind any different opinions, this is all opinion, so feel free to disagree no hard feelings, this is just for fun.

    ericrat, no I ain't rode an R1 but I did put some miles on my dad's GSXR 1000, I bard it for a couple weeks he has 2 bikes so he lend it to me when mine was broken so I can see what its like. It was fucking fast. I will agree there. Getting that thing past 8,000 RPM is just downright scary at first! Yes it was incredibly light, handles like a sportbike should, and was fun. Quite uncomfortable though [I come from cruisers], and didn't have that low end punch. Sportbikes DO actually have good torque actually, in the 75+ ft/lbs range for the liter bikes, BUT, it don't come till you wind the motor up. I do agree that Boss Hoss is ridiclous. It is NOT ment to actually compete with no R1. That thing will pull 500 HP at the wheel if set up right too.

    BUT, you can't say, having a 8,200 cc V8 engine with nearly 600 ft/lbs of torque @ 4,000 RPM wouldn't be a cool experence! NOT practical, but just cool, at least just to try 1 time! The torque is undescrible. An R1 may very well beat it in a race, so what? We ain't talking 0-60, 1/4 mile, we's talking skull crushing torque, and at a low RPM! Although the torque is at a high RPM at 4K, it'll have ridiclous torque off of idle. Its only a 2-speed semi-auto transmission though. But with torque gears are not needed so much. Trouble with the Boss is keeping the wheel from burning out.:deal Its NOT made to be practical. But, it is ridable! Actually supposibly handles low speeds better than you'd ever expect from such a monster!

    O.C.F.RIDER nice bike! I do like Ducattis. Not quite for me, but there cool! I's sure they has decent torque.

    klaviator HOLY HELL! Now your taking!:thumb 150 ft/lbs on that little thing? I'd love to ride it! Whatever it is, its qualified!

    lethe yea diesel bikes are intrusting.

    bomber1965 I like that there V-Max. I wouldn't say its a total torque monster, it loves revving more than I'd pefer, but a hundred-something ft/lbs and 200 HP! Not to shabby! I'll put it on a hi RPM hi torque in the list though, it qualify for that!

    warrior1677, its never too late! This ain't just about the bike I'm buying, its for fun about the torqiest, badest bikes out there! Its like a powerlifter v.s. a track star. Track star will run away, but if the powerlifter finds him he can crush him, unless the track guy is a martial artist, that is! Yes, the RS Warrior is a great bike. I like the looks of it, and its a torquy bike too! I'll definitly put it on the list. For personal machine, I think I need the comfort of the RS Silverado.

    OhBoy yea! WTF? Now a days, bigger is better in the cruiser world! Rarly does a company downgrade there engine displacement! 1300 is a nice engine, but you'll always think, well what if I got the 1800? Buy the 1800 and forget about it, unless you want a little less weight and more handling.

    Snapper I like that H-D. But WHY, for fucks sake, use a stockish Sportty motor in that? WHY not use a V-Rod motor in an XR 1200? That'd be ultimate! And while I do believe Harleys ain't quite as good as Jap bikes in the long run [mechanical longetivity wise], I wouldn't say they's unrelaible. Espically the Evo engine found in that there XR1200. Only real issues with H-Ds is they only last 100,000 miles! Then its already need a rebuild!:huh And the TC has a couple issues like cam chain tensioner, thats another arguement for elsewhere. IMHO the Evo was H-D's best. Only issue is it's only 1,340 cc on the big twin before the TC 88 come out. That is adequet but not no torque monster. Only in the 80 ft/lbs range. Decent HP in the 70s though.

    DAKEZ, so the national speed limit is still 55 MPH? Seems to be what Triumph thought when doing the gearing on this bike. Why should a inline 3 2,300 cc engine run at 2,500 RPM at only 60 MPH? H-D's OD 6th is taller. And they only has 100 ft/lbs at similar RPMs. That engine should run at a maximum of 1,900 RPM at 60 MPH GPS in top gear IMHO. They claim it has 90% of it's torque at 2,000 RPM. Why ruin the fun by gearing it so low on 5th? Other than that, I did qualify it! 163 ft/lbs is badass!:evil

    Chromer I reckon. You meant low gear ratios though =more force. Like a 10 speed in 2nd is more torque at the wheel than in 10th, sort of what your saying. And yes there is quite some loss thru the tranny.

    DAKEZ it probably is. BUT, we's only going for torque. Lets use this joke used on H-Ds: HP=why? Handling= Not needed. Can be reversed.

    But I do know what your saying. I don't think I'd personally own one. To much $ and I pefer the RS. But I like the 142 ft/lbs!
  17. wibby

    wibby BrotherFromAnotherMother

    Mar 20, 2005
    Grass Pants Orygun
    Cuz he's a fuggin idiot :1drink
  18. Benduro

    Benduro I<3CrayCrayVaJayJay

    Jul 11, 2012
    El Portal, Ca
  19. Onederer

    Onederer Crunch Nugget

    Aug 24, 2008
    At the bottom of your glass, staring back
    For a low cost bike with plenty of power, inexpensive to insure and able to carry two up, a Honda V65 sounds like a good fit. Great compromise between torque and HP.

    I felt compelled to throw that in, although this is another miracle bike thread.

    The Rocket III is just plain awesome for the segment it was built for and for the price is not going to be beat for a new bike. The MPG is even decent with all things considered. Just my 2 cents on that bike.
  20. btcn

    btcn Long timer

    Jul 1, 2010
    Morgan Hill CA

    Wasn't entirely aware of that on the H-Ds. BUT, the gearing allows it to run there so well. 6th on Harleys is quite tall, all the gears are relitively tall, I just love the way Harley gears there bikes. I don't know about lugging it below 73 MPH, I think you can hold 65 MPH fine in 6th, so long as theres not much headwind and its a very flat road. What speed do you hit 3K on a Harley? I tend to ride 75-80 MPH [actual]. So 6th gear feels great shifting into it at 75 MPH when I ride a Harley.

    I don't know why I like low RPMs, just do. Love the sound of a slow turning motor at highway speeds, just that slow, relaxed sound I guess.

    Also, I think they's capable of it. My mom's camry has a 4 banger 2.4 liter. And it turns at just 2.5K at an actual 85 MPH in OD. It will rev decent too. A lot of the power is around 4K-5K but it'll run at 2.5K and not even downshift. I know car's is kind of irrelevent, but still shows it can be geared that tall for OD. By the way, OD is more of an economy gear meant to take the RPMs way down to make the engine relaxed and better MPGs on a flat/downhill highway with little wind.

    Not all of y'all can tell me on most Japanese motorcycles [except the bigger inch torqey bikes], you don't go looking for another gear sometimes! Some worse than others.